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2<sup>nd</sup> Maintenance Release for 4diac 1.8
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<p>We are proud to announce the second maintenance release for 4DIAC 1.8 providing a set of bug fixes to 4diac-ide, and FORTE.
As always please download, test, and report problems and bugs.</p>
<p>The main changes are:</p>
<li>Improved transition condition editing property sheet with code completion and syntax higlighting of condition expressions</li>
<li>Fixed transition coditions without events to conform to IEC 61499-1 Ed. 2</li>
<li>Fixed handling the array size of internal variables leading to wrong C++ code</li>
<li>Correctly check for names of Algorithms, States, and internal variables</li>
<li>Allow Algorithm editing also in the algorithm overview property sheet</li>
<li>Null pointer exception when reordering actions</li>
<li>Clean-up of algorithm editing and state editing property sheets</li>
<li>Fixed serial communication layer on win32 platform</li>
<li>Fixed TOUPPER and TOLOWER string fucntion</li>
<li>Fixed compiler warnings and cppcheck reports</li>
<li>Fixed memory leak in Posix thread</li>
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