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3<sup>rd</sup> Maintenance Release for 4diac 1.8
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<p>We are proud to announce the third maintenance release for 4DIAC 1.8 providing a set of bug fixes to 4diac-ide, and FORTE.
As always please download, test, and report problems and bugs.</p>
<h3>Attention: </h3>
<p><i>Because of build issues we had to change the name of thread.h to forte_thread.h and from sycn.h to forte_sync.h.
If you have your own FORTE extensions using these you need to adjust the include statements accordingly.</i></p>
<p>The main changes are:</p>
<li>The values and the yellow box of monitored elements are now transperent allowing to see connections below them</li>
<li>Improved ST code generation</li>
<li>Removed interface groups in FB outlines and reworked icons for the interface elements</li>
<li>Improved FAQs and MQTT documentation</li>
<li>12 stability fixes identified through the automatic error reporting infrastructure</li>
<li>Fixed issue in MQTT initialization and for using MQTT on Windows</li>
<li>Fixed names of the thread and sync include files to solve compiliation issues with some libraries (e.g., Eclipse Paho)</li>
<li>Added new CMake option for allowing modules to be outside of the FORTE build tree</li>
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