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<?php printNewsEntryHeader(__FILE__, "4diac @ CPSE Labs Event &quot;Designing for Digital Transformation&quot;"); ?>
The European CPSE Labs project supported SMEs and mid-caps to experiment with new technologies like 4diac.
On April 19<sup>th</sup>, together with the Platforms4CPS project, results of the project as well as from the experiments will be presented in Munich.</p>
<p>This is a great chance to see how 4diac has been used in three CPSE Labs experiments,
to meet 4diac developers, and to hear about future funding possibilities for similar acitivties.
A detailed agenda and registration information can be found at the
<a href="">event&rsquo;s web-page</a>.
<p>See you there,
<br>The 4diac Team</p>