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<?php printNewsEntryHeader(__FILE__, "Sneak Preview: 4diac and OPC UA in Action"); ?>
<p>The <a href="">VDMA Integrated Assembly Solutions Group</a> is currently developing an OPC UA
Companion Specification for smart mechatronic components.
In order to show the potential and the applicability of this spec in action the group currently builds a demonstrator.</p>
<p>We are very proud that 4diac is part of this demonstration machine implementing the new interaction and coordination mechanism.
See below a sneak preview on the machine consisting of roughly 30 smart mechatronic components.
Several modules in this machine will be programmed and operated with 4diac.</p>
<p>Currently it is in the middle of its setup. You can see it live and in action at the
automatica trade fair in Munich on 19th - 22nd June,
<a href="">hall B4, booth 332</a>.
<p>See you there,
<br>The 4diac Team</p>
<img src="news/figs/vdma_demonstrator.png" alt="VDMA Demonstrator setup sneak peak"/></p>