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<p>As part of the <a href="">BaSys4.0 project</a>, which receives funding of the <a href="">Federal Ministry of Education and Research</a>, 4diac has been extended to support component configuration during runtime, by accessing a kind of asset administration shell.
This work has been done in cooperation with the BaSys 4.0 partners.
Special thanks to the BaSys 4.0 partner, who provided the example AutomationML for a pallet system, the example XQueries and the great introduction into the use of BaseX and XQueries.
The AutomationML file is loaded into a BaseX database, which provides a kind of asset administration shell for the plant.
This asset administration shell is then accessed during runtime to configure a function block, which controls the desired component.
This work has been published in the paper <i>Connecting PLCs with their Asset Administration Shell for Automatic Device Configuration</i> at the <a href="">INDIN 2018</a> conference.
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