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<p>We are very proud to announce the 4diac 1.10.0 release!
As with the 1.9.0 release we managed to get a bunch of cool new improvements into our two main 4diac components:</p>
<li><b>4diac IDE:</b>
<li>Finally you can develop <i>Simple FBs</i></li>
<li>We reworked the deployment and monitoring infrastructure removing many issues we had there</li>
<li>Stabilized Subapp support</li>
<li>Many smaller usability improvements</li>
<li><b>4diac FORTE:</b>
<li>4diac FORTE got more than 10% faster</li>
<li>HTTP communication layer</li>
<li>FMI/FMU support for connecting 4diac FORTE to different simulation tools</li>
<li>Connect to BaseX data bases</li>
<li>New platforms: PLCnext, pikeOS, freeRTOS, and ROS!</li>
<p>With this release we provide an update site for 4diac IDE.
This update site allows an easy upgrade of your existing 4diac IDE to the latest version.
Just add <br/><i></i><br/>to your update sites. <p>
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