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<p>The European Innovation project <a href="">FED4SAE</a> is currently eliciting proposals for innovative industrial application development projects in the domain of Cyber-Physical Systems and Embedded Systems.
<b>FED4SAE is looking for companies</b> that want to:
<li>Develop novel and innovative smart solutions to take a leading position in their target markets.</li>
<li>Use the most advanced technologies and industrialized solutions to link the physical world with the virtual world in combining hardware and software expertise.</li>
<li>Gain premium access to resources, competencies and reduce development time.</li>
<li>Enter into a unique European ecosystem gathering leading industrial companies, world-class research organizations, innovation accelerators and private investors.</li>
<p>To do this, FED4SAE offers companies:</p>
<li><b>Product support</b> via industrial platforms &ndash; existing products provided by market leaders (
<a href="">AVL</a>,
<a href="">Intel</a>,
<a href="">ST</a>, and
<a href="">Thales</a>
) &ndash; in the domain of cyber-physical and embedded systems that can bring the innovation to a state of maturity.</li>
<li><b>Technical expertise</b> via advanced platforms (e.g., Eclipse 4diac) by RTOs (
<a href="">BME</a>,
<a href="">CSEM</a>,
<a href="">Digital Catapult</a>,
<a href="">Fraunhofer IISB</a>,
<a href="">fortiss</a>,
<a href="">KTH</a>, and
<a href="">Unican</a>) &ndash;
either innovative technical solutions or testbeds &ndash; which will add value to the product.</li>
<li><b>Innovation management</b> &ndash; focusing on business &ndash; to help your innovation get to the market via the FED4SAE and the Smart Anything Everywhere ecosystem.</li>
<li>Up to <b>&euro;58,000 in funding</b> &ndash; representing 70% of the declared budget in your proposal.</li>
<p>Companies are encouraged to contact any of the FED4SAE project partners for guidance and feedback on their initial project ideas.</p>
<p>The call is open until <b>March 5th, 2019</b>. More information can be found online <a href="">here</a>.</p><br/>