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<?php printNewsEntryHeader(__FILE__, "We Want You to Participate in Google Summer of Code "); ?>
<p>You are a student currently working or planning to work with 4diac and looking for a summer project?
We have something for you!
4diac is participating in Google Summer of Code 2019.
This means that Google may sponsors your project with 4diac.</p>
<p>We got you interested? Then please consider the following points:</p>
<li>Get in contact with us to discuss potential project topics on our <a href="">mailing list</a></li>
<li>For inspiration we compiled <a href="">first project ideas</a></li>
<li>See the official <a href="">Google Summer of Code web-page</a> for a detailed description of how to apply</li>
<p>Looking forward working together with you!</p>
<?php include 'greeting.html';?>