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<p>Over the last 12 years Eclipse 4diac has grown into the open source PLC solution, with users and contributors all over the world.
Up to now we have mostly interacted through our forum, mailing list and Mattermost channel.
With the 4days of 4diac summit we would like to change that, and bring you all together in one place.</p>
<p>Therefore, we invite you all to Linz from November 11<sup>th</sup> till November 14<sup>th</sup> to discuss and program with each other on new 4diac topics and applications.</p>
<p>We wanted to make the event as low barrier as possible:
So we provide the meeting rooms and coffee, and you bring your time and ideas.
Our goal is turn this event into 4days of showing, discussing, planning, hacking, experimenting, learning with Eclipse 4diac.</p>
<p>4 days for the 4diac community to meet and exchange!
For details on location, registration and programm please visit the <a href="">4days of 4diac page</a>.</p>
<p>We are looking forward to meet you in Linz,
<br>The 4diac Team</p>