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<?php printNewsEntryHeader(__FILE__, "4diac 1.11.2: Second Maintenance Release for 4diac 1.11", "img/release.png"); ?>
<p>We are proud to announce the second maintenance release for Eclipse 4diac 1.11 providing 9 bug fixes for 4diac IDE.
These issues where identified and fixed during the <a href="en_eve.php?event=2019_4days">4days of 4diac</a> summit held from November 11<sup>th</sup> to 14<sup>th</sup> at the
<a href="">LIT | Cyber-Physical Systems Lab</a> in Linz, Austria.</p>
<p>As always please download, test, and report problems and bugs.
For 1.10.x and 1.11.x users a simple <i><q>Help -> Check of Updates</q></i>
should upgrade you to 1.11.2.</p>
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