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<p>From November 11.-14. 2019 more then 20 4diac users and developers from all over the world came together in Linz for the first 4days of 4diac summit.
In these four days we had lots of discussions and exchange.
To summarize we had the following sessions:</p>
<li>Improving the 4diac FORTE build and deployment process</li>
<li>Several application design sessions, many thanks to Vishnu Easwaran for bringing teaching hardware along
<br/> <img width="700" alt="lego mindstorms session" src="events/4daysof4diac/application.jpg">
<li>How to use and configure <a href="">OPC UA</a> in 4diac applications</li>
<li>4diac on <a href="">Lego Mindstorms EV3</a> hack day
<br/> <img width="700" alt="lego mindstorms session" src="events/4daysof4diac/lego_session.jpg">
<li>How to connect 4diac to the <a href="">Arrowhead Framework</a></li>
<li>An intense session on usability with first results documented <a href="">here</a>
<br/> <img width="700" alt="usability session" src="events/4daysof4diac/usability.jpeg">
<li>How to implement drivers for the new modular IO interface
<br/> <img width="700" alt="io development session" src="events/4daysof4diac/io_session.jpg">
<p>Based on these great results we are look forward to the next 4days of 4diac.
Be also prepared for great improvements of the 4diac IDE.
We will keep you updated.</p>
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