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<p>The Eclipse 4diac team is excited to announce that this year we again get the chance to work with a student in the
<a href="">Google Summer of Code program</a>:
<a href="">S&aacute;ndor B&aacute;csi</a> will be working on setting up an infrastructure for checking the correctness of IEC 61499 models using
<a href="">Object Constraint Language (OCL)</a>.
OCL can be a solution to find issues in IEC 61499 models since it provides capabilities for specifying generic constraints a model has to fulfill.
We hope that the work of S&aacute;ndor will give our users early feedback and with that improve the usability and user experience of 4diac IDE.</p>
<p>Details on the plan work, the milestones, and ideas what S&aacute;ndor wants to check can be found on the
<a href="">project&apos;s wiki page</a>.
As always feedback and support is warmly welcome.</p>
<p>We are looking forward to work together with S&aacute;ndor on this interesting problem over this summer.</p>
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