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<?php printNewsEntryHeader(__FILE__, "Eclipse 4diac 1.13 - Sneak Preview #1"); ?>
<p>Dear 4diac Users!</p>
<p>Our next release (1.13) is scheduled for October. As a sneak preview, please have a look at our redesigned ECC.
To make working with 4diac IDE (even) more fun, we have been modernizing the appearance of your models.</p>
<img alt="New ECC" width="700" src="news/figs/ecc2020.PNG">
<p>With the new transparent background of transition labels, a more compact design of ECCs is feasible.
We hope that you also like our new color scheme where output events are shown in red - like the event interface pins. </p>
<p>Bianca Wiesmayr<br />(4diac Comitter)</p>