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<?php printNewsEntryHeader(__FILE__, "Eclipse 4diac 1.13 - Sneak Preview #3"); ?>
<p>Dear 4diac Users!</p>
<p>Continuing our latest course of “quality of life” improvements, the next release will introduce a major feature for every user that is more concerned about the functionality than the looks of an application.
Although we like to call ourselves engineers and not designers, it is definitely advantageous to have a clean and clearly structured application.
This is why we worked hard so we are finally able to introduce to you the 4diac layouter.</p>
<img alt="Autolayouting places the blocks logically and creates optimal lines." width="700" src="news/figs/autolayouting.png">
<p>The new feature is accessible via the context menu and makes use of the Eclipse Layout Kernel.
The layouter can (and hopefully will) save you from the tedious task of cleaning up your applications.</p>
<p>Daniel Lindhuber<br />(4diac Developer)</p>