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<p>On 15th September, the open platform automation forum was held at <a href="">Shanghai Automation Fair 2020</a>.
The open platform automation forum aimed at promoting open technologies such as IEC 61499 and OPC UA for industrial automation.
Mr. Yao from Changzhou MaximLumen Ltd presented a Eclipse 4diac-based IEC 61499 solution for distributed control applications.
Based on the 4diac IDE and 4diac FORTE runtime, they created a customized IEC 61499 runtime TinyForte that could be fit in small embedded devices.
The IEC 61499 standard provides great support for innovation from medium and small industrial vendors.
<p>William Dai<br />(4diac Guest Reporter)</p>
<img alt="Presentation of Mr. Yao." width="700" src="news/figs/shanghaiautomationfair2020.jpg">