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# Author: Marcos Didonet Del Fabro
# Date: 2006-05-19
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$pageTitle = "ATLAS Model Weaver Zoo";
$pageKeywords = "Zoo, metamodel, AMW, model weaving, metamodel extension, atl";
$pageAuthor = "Marcos Didonet Del Fabro";
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$zoo = getZoo($pageTitle, "/gmt/amw/zoo/AMWZoo.xml");
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<div id="midcolumn">
The AMW Zoo is a zoo containing weaving metamodels and extensions of weaving metamodels
expressed in KM3.
Technical remarks:<br/>
<ul class="midlist">
The extensions are represented as portions of KM3 files and must be used together with the weaving core metamodel.
<a name="zoo"></a>
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