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<article link="YourFirstPlugin.html" show="false">
Your First Plug-in: Developing the Eclipse &quot;Hello
World&quot; plug-in
<date>March 22, 2001</date>
<name>Jim Amsden</name>
<date>September 6, 2002</date>
<reason>for Eclipse release 2.0</reason>
<name>Andrew Irvine</name>
<date>January 28, 2003</date>
The traditional Hello World program doesn't do that much, but it
can be invaluable when exploring a new development environment.
In this article we'll develop the Eclipse Hello World plug-in
and show you how to integrate it with the Eclipse Workbench.
After you read this article you should know how to use the
Eclipse Java Development Tooling to create, run, and debug a
simple plug-in that extends the Eclipse Platform. You'll see how
to setup a project for your plug-in, edit the Java code,
compile, and run or debug your plug-in in another launched copy
of Eclipse. We'll be looking at plug-in manifest files,
extensions, and extension points to see how plug-ins are
described to Eclipse and how they are integrated with the