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<article link="jet_tutorial2.html">
<title>JET Tutorial Part 2 (Write Code that Writes Code)</title>
<date>August 26, 2003</date>
<date>May 31, 2004</date>
<reason>for EMF 2.0 (Eclipse 3.0)</reason>
<name>Remko Popma</name>
<company>Azzurri Ltd.</company>
In Part 2 of this JET (Java Emitter Templates) tutorial, we will
take a look at the JET engine API. You will learn how to write
plug-ins that use the classes in the JET package to generate
Java source code.As a real-world example, we will create a
plug-in that takes user input and generates a Typesafe
Enumeration class. The generated source code is based on a JET
template that can be distributed with the plug-in, allowing
users of the plug-in to customize the generated code by editing
the template. This article also provides a short reference to
the JET API.