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<article link="article.html">
<title>How to Correctly and Uniformly Use Progress Monitors</title>
<date>January 18, 2006</date>
<![CDATA[Kenneth &Ouml;lwing]]>
<company>BEA JRPG</company>
Handling a progress monitor instance is deceptively simple. It
seems to be straightforward but it is easy to make a mistake
when using them. And, depending on numerous factors such as the
underlying implementation, how it is displayed, the result can
range from completely ok, mildly confusing or outright
silliness. In this article we lay down a few ground rules that
will help anyone use progress monitors in a way that will work
with the explicit and implicit contract of IProgressMonitor.
Also, understanding the usage side makes it easier to understand
how to implement a monitor.