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<article link="automation.html">
<title>Build and Test Automation for plug-ins and features</title>
<date>May 29, 2005</date>
<category>Test and performance</category>
<name>Markus Barchfeld</name>
<company>Zuehlke Engineering</company>
Eclipse offers the possibility to build plug-ins automatically
outside the Eclipse IDE, which is called &quot;headless build&quot;.
Eclipse itself is built headless and since Eclipse is an
assembly of plug-ins, this feature is also available for any
other plug-in. Although the set up of automatic building and
testing requires only a couple of files, it can be tedious work
to do nonetheless. This article shares the experiences and
lessons learned while setting up automatic building and testing
for an Open-Source Eclipse plug-in called RDT, Ruby Development