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<title>Untitled Document</title>
<p>Attendees: <br />
- Kit <br />
- Daniel <br />
- Margaret <br />
- Jeff <br />
- Gabe <br />
- Pat <br />
- Denis <br />
<br />
Minutes: <br />
- Bug 227936 submitted to request the Platform Releng team to provide a link on the Eclipse Project Download page to the Babel Language Pack Update Site. Hopefully that will lead to more exposure of the Babel project and generate more interest in contributing translations and enhancing the Babel project. <br />
- Gabe added a
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'babel needs help' page to the babel server. Please review
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and make suggestions for improvements: </p>
<p><br />
- The language IDs on the staging server are not in sync with the live server. It's causing some problems during testing on the staging server. Denis will synchronize the databases. <br />
- Bug 222221 (percentage complete for some file are showing more than 100%) should be fixed by now. Reopen the bug if you still see problems. <br />
- Language packs for RCP apps: Daniel will try to write some scripts to pull the language packs into their builds. Will open bugs if they have problems. <br />
- Pseudo translation language packs (bug 217339): Denis will try to implement this. <br />
- Jeff thinks that it's helpful if non-translatable strings or files are not included in the nightly properties files zip. We should work on bug 226378 (Non-translatable strings or files should not be presented to user for translation) when resource is available, which will in turn cause those non-translatable strings or files to be excluded from the nightly properties files zip. </p>