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$pageTitle = "Eclipse Babel Project Development Meeting: 09/08/2008";
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<li>2 co-ops working with Kit (John and Matt) have finished their internship and left.</li>
<li>Karl and a new co-op Gregg will continue to help the Babel project on a part time basis.</li>
<li>Eclipse Planning Council is working on the 3.5 project must-do and should-do list.</li>
<li>This is a good time to voice our input for a "Translatable String Freeze" date.</li>
<li>A freeze date will let the translators in the community know when to expect the majority of the translatable strings.</li>
<li>Translators can plan on their resources basing on this freeze date.</li>
<li>The current 3.5 plan is to have "API Freeze" in Milestone 6.</li>
<li>I think M6 is also a good time for a "Translatable String Freeze" since all projects should be pretty stable without too any API changes."
<li>Kit will communicate this input to the Eclipse Planning Council.</li>
<li>[Bug 246152] Some P2 strings are not extracted to the Babel server for translation - Kit will work with Denis on this.</li>
<li>[Bug 244043] WTP 2.0.x is not included in the Babel Project - Kit will work with Denis on this.</li>
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