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$pageTitle = "Eclipse Babel Project Development Meeting: 01/05/2009";
$pageKeywords = "babel,eclipse,translation,i18n,l10n,internationalization,localization,globalization";
$pageAuthor = "Kit Lo";
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<li>Focus for next few weeks</li>
<li>EclipseCon is approaching, we want to focus on cleaning up our infrastructure, present a nice image at EclipseCon</li>
<li>finish downloadable language packs page - Denis (done)</li>
<li>tutorial on using pseudo translations for globalization testing of Eclipse projects - Kit</li>
<li>REST API - Antoine (done)</li>
<li>clean language packs with no dependency errors - in progress</li>
<li>Progress on integrating p2 meta data generator and XSLT transform script?</li>
<li>Need new Bugzilla component for translation problem, Antoine needs to be authorized, Kit will work with web master</li>
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