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$pageTitle = "Eclipse Babel Project Development Meeting: 02/23/2009";
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<li>Thanks to Antoine, Sean, and Pascal! I tried the live update site. I don't see any unsatisfied dependency errors. We should also remove the language pack problem in the known-issues section on the download page.</li>
<li>Question for Denis or Antoine, I noticed that we are asking for the release train when defining the map file. Do we still use the release_train_projects table in the DB?</li>
<li>For bug 265092 - No fragments for stp.bpmn component, we need to add the project to a release train. Which way should we use?</li>
<li>We should use the field on the map file definition page to set the project release train.</li>
<li>While we are on the project release train topic, we should add Galileo release to the list (bug 262682) by M6, March 16.</li>
<li>I noticed some P2 strings are not translated. I think it was caused by: Bug 242307 - Equinox move request to RT</li>
<li>I've defined a new map file for P2 at the staging server. Do we run the map file processor nightly?</li>
<li>The map processor on the live server is run nightly. The one on the staging server is manual.</li>
<li>Many projects at staging server like BIRT, DTP. Eclipse 3.3.1 do not show any files for translation. Was it caused by the map file processing problem?</li>
<li>The map files are probably not update-to-date. We should update the map files.</li>
<li>I added a post to the babel-dev mailing list yesterday about "Babel Language Pack Build Tool". Please try, comment, and help improve the tool.</li>
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