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$pageTitle = "Eclipse Babel Project Development Meeting: 09/22/2008";
$pageKeywords = "babel,eclipse,translation,i18n,l10n,internationalization,localization,globalization";
$pageAuthor = "Kit Lo";
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<li>[Bug 217339] generate pseudo translations language packs</li>
<li>Denis and Gabe to review</li>
<li>Europa and Ganymede should not have have features with same feature version numbers - fixed</li>
<li>feature name changed from org.eclipse.nls to org.eclipse.babel.nls</li>
<li>Pseudo translation index file packaged in org.eclipse.babel.nls feature - BabelPseudoTranslationsIndex.html</li>
<li>BabelPseudoTranslationsIndex.html has links to open string in Babel Translation Server for easy translation correction</li>
<li>[Bug 246152] Some P2 strings are not extracted to the Babel server for translation - Kit will work with Denis on this.</li>
<li>[Bug 244043] WTP 2.0.x is not included in the Babel Project - Kit will work with Denis on this.</li>
<li>[Bug 242904] Marking of non-translatable strings - Gabe to review.</li>
<li>[Bug 248027] on-demand NL packs generation</li>
<li>Kit will open a bug to remove Simplified Chinese in Traditional Chinese repository</li>
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