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$pageTitle = "Eclipse Babel Project Development Meeting: 11/10/2008";
$pageKeywords = "babel,eclipse,translation,i18n,l10n,internationalization,localization,globalization";
$pageAuthor = "Kit Lo";
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<li>Updates from last meeting</li>
<li>New language pack download site status - need to add a banner and prepare for mirroring, Denis will take the item</li>
<li>A few fixes are ready to be deployed to the live server. We will tag the code when Antoine is ready.</li>
<li>Japanese translations status - we are still waiting on an action from the JWG, Kit will send a follow-up e-mail</li>
<li>Kit is working on the approval to travel to EclipseCon next year. In the mean time, Kit will submit a talk for Babel to review the project and show people how to use the pseudo translation language for globalization test (like test for label truncations and unexternalized strings).</li>
<li>Denis is willing to present the talk if Kit is not available. Kit will add Denis as a second presenter.</li>
<li>Margaret: Adobe will have some Eclipse 3.4 translations to contribute soon. Is the large translation contribution process still the same?</li>
<li>Kit: Yes, just package them in the locale folder structure, we can import them easily.</li>
<li>Margaret: any size limit?</li>
<li>Denis: the contribution has to go through IP. There is a 10 MB limit for Bugzilla bug attachment.</li>
<li>Antoine: is the translation sync up script done?</li>
<li>Denis: yes, it updated about 400K strings.</li>
<li>Denis will post some stats when he has that available.</li>
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