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<title>Eclipse BIRT Project Plan Archive</title>
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<p class="head">BIRT Project</p>
<p class="subhead">1.0 and 1.0.1 Project Archived Information</p>
<h1>Project Resources</h1>
Resources used in version 1.0 and 1.0.1 development.
<dl class="arrow-list">
<dt><a href="notable1.0.1.html">1.0.1 New and Notable Features</a></dt>
<dd>New and Notable Features within BIRT 1.0.1.</dd>
<dt><a href="project_plan_R1_0_1.html">1.0.1 Project Plan</a></dt>
<dd>The plans for the 1.0.1 release.</dd>
<dt><a href="summary_plan.html">1.0 Project Plan Summary</a></dt>
<dd>The broad themes for the next several releases.</dd>
<dt><a href="R1_Requirements.pdf">Release 1.0 BIRT Requirements</a></dt>
<dd>Requirements for capabilities that were included in BIRT Release 1.0.</dd>
<dt><a href="Eclipse_BIRT_Project_1_0_Release_Review_2005-04-28.pdf">BIRT Project
1.0 Release Review presentation</a></dt>
<dd>Slides used during the formal release review of the BIRT 1.0 project.</dd>