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<title>BIRT PMC Minutes</title>
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<p class="head">BIRT PMC Meeting</p>
<p class="subhead">Minutes April 4th, 2005</p>
BIRT PMC, 11am Pacific, April 4th, 2005
<li>Wenfeng Li - BIRT PMC Lead - Actuate Corporation (<a href=""></a>)
<li>Paul Clenahan - BIRT PMC - Actuate Corporation (<a href=""></a>)
<li>Paul Rogers - BIRT PMC - Actuate Corporation (<a href=""></a>)
<li>Scott Rosenbaum - BIRT PMC - Innovent Solutions (<a href=""></a>)
<h1>Project Committers and Interest</h1>
IBM has joined as a Committer for the BIRT Charting Project. IBM's participation is
specifically targeting extending the output from the chart component to include SVG.
There is active participation and interest across Eclipse projects with BIRT. The
BIRT team and TPTP team are working closely to allow BIRT reports to be used in TPTP.
BIRT PMC is also engaged in discussions with DTP to determine how the projects can
work together. There is clearly overlap between what BIRT needs in the data area and
some of the discussions around what DTP might provide.
The PMC continues to be very interested in broadening the participation in BIRT and
are looking for other potential Committers. We anticipate increased interest in this
area as the community grows and BIRT 1.0 becomes a reality.
<h1>Community and Community Feedback</h1>
Community feedback has been strong and there is a lot of activity on the BIRT
newsgroup. The BIRT team is answering questions as we go along and have managed to
maintain a quick response time on questions.
Initial reaction from the newsgroup on how to deploy BIRT reports has indicated that
we need to do a much better job in this area. We have posted additional information
on how to do this, and are also making some project improvements in this area to make
it easier.
How to develop data extensions also received feedback that it is harder than it
needs to be so we are making improvements in this area for BIRT 1.0 as well.
The new "BIRT News" mailing list is a good way to keep the community informed about
BIRT since it is more proactive than the BIRT web pages. We need to promote this
more actively to the community as an option. Our goal would be to send only items
that are of general interest and important. We don't want to send too much email
to this or people will unsubscribe from the mailing list. We will also continue
to publish all news on the What's New section of the BIRT site.
<h1>Process and Infrastructure</h1>
All the necessary Eclipse infrastructure is up and running for BIRT, and the
project is using this. We have been building from the Eclipse CVS repository
since late Feb.
We are currently building BIRT every night, and targeting an alternating Stable
and Milestone Build approximately every two weeks in the lead up to BIRT 1.0.
BIRT mailing lists have been created. There is a general "BIRT News" mailing list
and various development mailing lists for Committers. The full list can be seen
at <a href=""></a>. We are encouraging "How To" type
questions to be answered on the newsgroup rather than any of the mailing lists.
Eclipse Licensing due diligence has been completed for all the BIRT components
(both originally sourced from Actuate developers, and those from other open
source initiatives). All BIRT components adhere to the Eclipse Public License.
Bugzilla is not currently being used by the core project team for all defects,
although we are monitoring Bugzilla and addressing the community reported defects
that come in through this channel. We want to move to Bugzilla, but are dependent
on some additional fields being added in order to support the development process.
We need to work with the EMO on this topic and expect to do so post-BIRT 1.0.
We have established a voting procedure for adding new Committers to a project.
Following the general Eclipse process, all existing Committers in the project
area must vote for the new Committer to be added. Following this process, we
have added a Committer from IBM to the BIRT charting project.
<h1>BIRT Roadmap</h1>
As we approach BIRT 1.0, we are starting the planning process for post-BIRT 1.0.
Tentative plan is to target BIRT 2.0 for late Dec, 2005. Plan is to work on a 6
week Milestone basis after BIRT 1.0. We are also considering the possibility of
a 1.1 release and/or other intermediate releases between BIRT 1.0 and BIRT 2.0.
Eclipse 3.1 will be released after BIRT 1.0, so it is not possible for BIRT 1.0
to guarantee support for Eclipse 3.1. We are actively testing on Eclipse 3.1 now.
If there are issues that prevent BIRT 1.0 working with the final Eclipse 3.1
release, this will further drive the need for a BIRT 1.1 release with support
for Eclipse 3.1. The PMC want to ensure support for Eclipse 3.1 as quickly as
possible after it is released so we will create a BIRT 1.1 release if needed.
[5/13/2005: A subsequent decision was made after this PMC meeting to use the 1.0.1
designation for this release]
Post 1.0 Themes are available to the community at
<a href=""></a>. We now
need to start getting more concrete input and developing a plan for community review.
<h1>BIRT PMC Meeting Schedule</h1>
PMC agreed to meet quarterly on a scheduled basis, and ad hoc as needed. Meetings
will be scheduled for 2nd Monday of each quarter at 11am Pacific. Next meeting:
Monday, July 11th at 11am Pacific.
<h1>Action Items</h1>
<li>Paul Rogers will promote the BIRT News mailing list more prominently on the BIRT web pages.
<li>Paul Clenahan will explicitly solicit community input on features for post BIRT 1.0.