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<title>BIRT PMC Minutes</title>
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<p class="head">BIRT PMC Meeting</p>
<p class="subhead">Minutes May 16th, 2005</p>
BIRT PMC, 10am Pacific, Monday, May 23rd 2005
<h1>Attendees </h1>
<li>Wenfeng Li - BIRT PMC Lead - Actuate Corporation (
<li>Paul Clenahan - BIRT PMC - Actuate Corporation (
<li>Paul Rogers - BIRT PMC - Actuate Corporation (
<li>Scott Rosenbaun - BIRT PMC - Innovent Solutions (
<h2>BIRT 1.0 Release Update</h2>
BIRT 1.0 is still tracking for the end of May. We are doing daily bug reviews and
deferring non-essential fixes to a post-1.0 release.
The community is strongly encouraged to look at the current builds since each
is a potential release candidate at this stage.
<h2>Post BIRT 1.0 and Bugzilla</h2>
As a reminder, we are moving all bug tracking to Bugzilla immediately after
BIRT 1.0 releases. As part of this, we intend to move the existing outstanding
inventory to Bugzilla. This is a manual process and will take time. We will
start with the highest priority bugs and go from there.
<h2>Designation of 1.1 Release Changes to 1.0.1 </h2>
After the BIRT 1.0 release, we are planning to have a BIRT maintenance release.
We had been referring to this as the "1.1" release. We are changing the
designation of this release to "1.0.1" to better reflect the fact that it is a
maintenance and packaging release, not a feature release.
BIRT 1.0.1 will provide Eclipse platform 3.1 support and an RCP version of BIRT.
The target date for BIRT 1.0.1 is 1 month after the platform 3.1 release
(scheduled for end of June). Based on this, BIRT 1.0.1 target is end of July.
<h2>BIRT API Documentation </h2>
The PMC wants to improve the documentation process for BIRT APIs for the
community. This is something that we will work on for BIRT 1.0.1, and is an
ongoing effort as we add new APIs or enhance existing APIs. There are two goals:
<li>Improve the documentation and specification of the BIRT APIs
<li>Involve the community earlier in the review of new APIs
To help the development team with this task, the PMC will coordinate the
development of API documentation templates that provide guidance on what
types of information should be provided. We will make the templates available
for community review to get feedback.
<h2>Eclipse Requirements, Architecture and Planning Council Updates </h2>
The PMC discussed the Council meetings for the benefit of the PMC members
who were not present. In particular, the discussions around "Eclipse Quality".
Refer to the Eclipse Council meetings minutes for information on what was
discussed at the Council meetings.
<h2>Next PMC Meeting </h2>
There is no PMC meeting for Monday 30th since this is a public holiday.