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<title>BIRT Project Principles</title>
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<p class="head">BIRT Project Principles</p>
<h1>Project Principles</h1>
Among the key principles on which this project has been initiated,
and will be run, are the following:
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<dt>Extension of the Eclipse value proposition</dt>
<dd>The Eclipse Project
has set a high standard for technical excellence, functional innovation
and overall extensibility within the Java IDE domain. We intend to apply
these same standards to the business intelligence and reporting domain.
<dt>Leverage Eclipse ecosystem</dt>
<dd>A major goal of this project is to apply
the application development strengths of the Eclipse Project to the business
intelligence and reporting domain. The project will work closely with other
Eclipse project areas whenever possible to leverage the capabilities being
developed in those areas.
<dt>Vertical solutions</dt>
<dd>Reporting and Business intelligence are a facet
of almost all applications that are developed today. A core principle of
this project is to provide a general purpose reporting capability that can
easily and seamlessly be integrated as a component of vertical applications
and solutions.
<dd>To meet the varied requirements for reporting and
Business Intelligence, provide extension points that enable developers to
adapt the technology to meet application specific needs.
<dt>Vendor neutrality</dt>
<dd>We aim to encourage Eclipse participation and
drive Eclipse market acceptance by providing vendor-neutral capabilities
and to encourage participation for complementary capabilities through additional
<dt>Open, standards-based development</dt>
<dd>Where market adopted standards exist
that meet the design goals, our aim is to leverage and adhere to them. Where
market adopted standards do not exist, we will develop and publish any new
capabilities in the Eclipse open forum.
<dt>Incremental delivery</dt>
<dd>In order to meet the pent-up demand for reporting
within the Java application market, a goal is to delivery functionality
to market as rapidly as possible via an incremental delivery model.
<dt>Agile development</dt>
<dd>Our aim is to incorporate into our planning process
the innovations that arise once a project is underway, and the feedback
from our user community on our achievements to date. We think an agile development
and planning process, in which progress is incremental, near-term deliverables
are focused, and long-term planning is flexible, will be the best way to
achieve this.
<dt>Inclusiveness &amp; diversity</dt>
<dd>We aim to assimilate the best ideas
from the largest number of participants representing the needs of the widest
range of end-users. So we will encourage organizations across a broad range
of technical, market and geographical domains to participate in this project.