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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
semanticTest="I am working on the {project} project.
I am trying to do build/work with {HowToTopic} to create a {HowToTask}.
My experience level is {audience}.
I am working with the BIRT source and the source project is {source_project}.
I have a question about the BIRT Report Object Model element {rom_element}.
This web page is very {quality}.
I am using the following {project} api {api}."
<dimension name="how_to_topic"
description="The HowToTopic is used to provide a very simple categorization of the top level activities in BIRT ">
<tag name="BirtInstall" description="I am trying to install BIRT" />
<tag name="ReportDesign"
description="I am trying to create a report with the BIRT report designer" />
<tag name="ChartDesign"
description="I am trying to build charts with the BIRT report designer" />
<tag name="Data" description="I am working on getting data into my report design" />
<tag name="ReportOutput"
description="I am trying to create or modify the output of the report" />
<tag name="BasicDeploy"
description="I am following the simplest BIRT deployment model, the BIRT Web Viewer" />
<tag name="ChartIntegration"
description="I want to include stand-alone charts in my application" />
<tag name="DeployIntegration"
description="I want to integrate running and viewing reports into my application without the Web Viewer" />
<tag name="Extension" description="Questions and discussion about extension of BIRT" />
<tag name="GettingInvolved"
description="Discussions of new projects, code contributions, and how to get involved." />
<tag name="BirtBusiness"
description="Questions about project goals, direction, management, etc." />
<dimension name="how_to_task"
description="This tag identifies a specific task within a broad HowToTopic area">
<tag name="script_logging" />
<tag name="script_globals" />
<tag name="script_reportContext" />
<tag name="script_debugging" />
<tag name="script_expressions" />
<tag name="row_format" />
<tag name="table_format" />
<tag name="row_format" />
<tag name="data_filter" />
<tag name="data_parameter" />
<tag name="data_query" />
<tag name="data_extension" />
<tag name="data_source" />
<tag name="data_calculation" />
<dimension name="quality" calculated="false">
<tag name="question" description="A question with no answer." />
<tag name="hint"
description="Doesn't really answer the question but points to some possible answers" />
<tag name="definitive" description="Provides a correct and appropriate answer" />
<tag name="misleading" description="Answer provides either incorrect or inappropriate " />
<dimension name="audience" calculated="false">
<tag name="GettingStarted" description="New to BIRT" />
<tag name="User" description="Report Development and Web Viewer Deployment schemes" />
<tag name="Integrator" description="Someone using BIRT within their product " />
<tag name="Committer"
description="Some working on contributing to the core BIRT source code" />
<dimension name="api" calculated="false">
<tag name="scriptApi" description="BIRT Report Scripting API Reference" />
<tag name="modelApi" description="Report Object Model API Reference" />
<tag name="engineApi" description="Report Engine API Reference" />
<tag name="oda202Api" description="Open Data Access (ODA) 2.0.2 API Reference" />
<tag name="oda300" description="Open Data Access (ODA) 3.0.0 API Reference" />
<tag name="dataEngineApi" description="Data Engine API Reference" />
<tag name="chartEngineApi" description="Chart Engine API Reference" />
<tag name="chartUiApi" description="Chart User Interface API Reference" />
<dimension name="source_project" calculated="false">
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt-feature" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.chart.device.extension" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.chart.device.svg" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.chart.engine" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.chart.engine.extension" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.chart.examples" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.chart.reportitem" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.chart.ui" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.chart.ui.extension" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.chart.ui.prototype" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.core" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.core.ui" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.doc" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.framework.taskwizard.prototype" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.birt.sample.reportitem.rotatedtext" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.oda" />
<tag name="org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.oda.flatfile" />
<dimension name="rom_element" calculated="false">
<tag name="Cell" />
<tag name="Column" />
<tag name="Data" />
<tag name="DataSet" />
<tag name="DataSource" />
<tag name="DesignElement" />
<tag name="ExtendedItem" />
<tag name="Grid" />
<tag name="Image" />
<tag name="Label" />
<tag name="List" />
<tag name="ListGroup" />
<tag name="Listing" />
<tag name="MasterPage" />
<tag name="Module" />
<tag name="OdaDataSet" />
<tag name="OdaDataSource" />
<tag name="Parameter" />
<tag name="ParameterGroup" />
<tag name="ReportDesign" />
<tag name="ReportElement" />
<tag name="ReportItem" />
<tag name="Row" />
<tag name="ScalarParameter" />
<tag name="ScriptDataSet" />
<tag name="ScriptDataSource" />
<tag name="SimpleMasterPage" />
<tag name="StyleElement" />
<tag name="Table" />
<tag name="TableGroup" />
<tag name="Text" />
<tag name="TextData" />
<dimension name="responses" calculated="true" type="integer"></dimension>
<dimension name="age" calculated="true" default="0-30" type="string">