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<title>BIRT Reference Documents</title>
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<p class="head">BIRT Technical Reference</p>
<p class="subhead">Technical Specifications</p>
<h1>Report Object Model Documentation</h1>
<span style="color: red; font-weight: bold">New! </span>The
<a class="top" href="rom/index.html">ROM documentation</a> is now
in new "RomDoc" format complete with indexes, cross references, information taken
directly from implementation, and so on.
This version is an early draft. Note the following caveats:
<li>Documentation is not yet done for the Style element and its properites.</li>
<li>Some elements have no documenation at all.</li>
<li>Some elements are not in Release 1. These show up in the index, but are not
yet flagged as "reserved."</li>
<li>Some of the wording needs correction and improvement.</li>
<li>Overview text from the ROM specs are not yet incorporated. Refer to the
ROM Specs below for this overview material.</li>
Key features include:
<li>A "Since" field indicates if the element or property is in Release 1.0, or is
"reserved" for a future release.
<li>Alphabetical index of structures and elements.
<li>Lots of details such as data types, XML names, choice details, JavaScript types,
<li>Auto-generated from the implementation: prevents the specs from being out of
sync with respect to the code.
<h1>Report Object Model Specification Suite</h1>
The Report Object Model (ROM) is the report design format that the ERD
creates and the ERE executes. The following suite of documents provides
a full description of the model.
Note: these are the original design specs, and are now somewhat out of date with
respect to the implementation. See the above "RomDocs" for the most recent details.
<dl class="arrow-list">
<dt><a href="ROM_Overview_SPEC.pdf">Overview</a></dt>
<dd>Overall introduction to the ROM (read this first.)</dd>
<dt><a href="ROM_Base_Elements_SPEC.pdf">Base Elements</a></dt>
<dd>Properties common to all ROM elements</dd>
<dt><a href="ROM_Design_SPEC.pdf">Report Design</a></dt>
<dd>Report design, report libraries and report parameters</dd>
<dt><a href="ROM_Layout_SPEC.pdf">Layout Model </a></dt>
<dd>Layout rules and elements: grids and free-form</dd>
<dt><a href="ROM_List_and_Table_SPEC.pdf">Lists &amp; Tables</a></dt>
<dd>The two elements for displaying data from a data set</dd>
<dt><a href="ROM_Text_SPEC.pdf">Textual Elements</a></dt>
<dd>Including Data, Label, Text and Multi-Line Data</dd>
<dt><a href="ROM_Page_Setup_SPEC.pdf">Page Setup</a></dt>
<dd>Master pages and page sequences</dd>
<dt><a href="ROM_Styles_SPEC.pdf">Styles</a></dt>
<dd>Defines BIRT-defined and user-defined styles.</dd>
<dt><a href="ROM_Scripting_SPEC.pdf">Expressions &amp; Scripting</a></dt>
<dd>The programming model and objects</dd>
<dd>The data source and data set classes (coming soon)</dd>