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<title>BIRT Examples</title>
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<p class="head">BIRT Report Examples</p>
<p class="subhead">A showcase of BIRT Features</p>
<p>This section of Examples focuses on the feature set within BIRT. Simple reports are used to illustrate a function within
BIRT. Most examples will have a before and after report that can be downloaded. In addition, the example is illustrated
in a Flash presentation.</p>
<dl class="arrow-list">
<dt><a href="charting">Charting</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates building a report with several chart types.</dd>
<dt><a href="chartingsubreport">Chart as a Sub Report</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates building a report that uses a stock chart as a sub report.</dd>
<dt><a href="datasetfilter">Dataset Filtering</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates the dataset filtering feature.</dd>
<dt><a href="dynamictext">Dynamic Text</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates using Dynamic Text within a report.</dd>
<dt><a href="grouping">Grouping</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates building a grouped report.</dd>
<dt><a href="highlighting">Conditional Highlighting</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates the Highlighting Feature.</dd>
<dt><a href="hyperlinking">Hyperlinking</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates the ability to embed hyperlinks in BIRT reports.</dd>
<dt><a href="image">Image</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates using images within a BIRT report.</dd>
<dt><a href="listing">Listing</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates building a listing report.</dd>
<dt><a href="mapping">Mapping</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates the Mapping Feature.</dd>
<dt><a href="mysql">MySQL Data Source</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates configuring BIRT to report against MySQL Data.</dd>
<dt><a href="parallel">Parallel Reports</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates building BIRT parallel reports.</dd>
<dt><a href="parameters">Parameters</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates using dataset parameters.</dd>
<dt><a href="subreports">Sub Report</a></dt>
<dd>This example demonstrates building and linking a subreport.</dd>