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<title>BIRT FAQ</title>
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<p class="head">BIRT FAQ</p>
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Presented here are questions commonly asked in the
<a href="../community.html">BIRT newsgroup</a>. Have a suggestion? Please post it
on the newsgroup.
Much of the material here has been adapted from newsgroup postings. Thanks to
all the BIRT community members who provided the questions &amp; answers.
The FAQ is divided into a number of topics. The nav bar on the left provides
a quick way to move between topics.
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<dt><a href="install.html">Installation</a>
<dd>Tips for downloading and installing BIRT, and supported platforms.
<dl class="arrow-list">
<dt><a href="linux.html">Linux</a>
<dd>Tips for using BIRT on Linux.
<dt><a href="new.html">Getting Started</a></dt>
<dd>Tips for how to get started with BIRT, and where to find examples.</dd>
<dt><a href="data.html">Data Access</a>
<dd>Data sources, data sets, custom data sets, data extensions and more.
<dt><a href="params.html">Report Parameters</a>
<dd>Report parameters allow your user to pass data into the report.
<dt><a href="scripting.html">Scripting</a>
<dd>Expressions, aggregates, scripting and calling into Java code.
<dt><a href="extensions.html">Extensions</a>
<dd>Extending BIRT with custom report items, converts and more.
<dt><a href="chart.html">Charts (Part 1)</a>
<dd>Using and programming the Eclipse Charting Engine.
<dt><a href="Charts_FAQ.doc">Charts (Part 2)</a>
<dd>Additional notes from the charting team in the form of a Word document.
<dt><a href="deploy.html">Deployment</a>
<dd>Deploying BIRT onto an application server.
<dt><a href="layout.html">Report Layout</a>
<dd>Building the layout and formatting portion of a report.
<dt><a href="output.html">Output Formats</a>
<dd>HTML and PDF report output formats.
<dt><a href="i18n.html">Internationalization</a>
<dd>Using BIRT in multiple locales and with multiple languages.
<dt><a href="apps.html">Applications</a>
<dd>Tips &amp; tricks for achieving various kinds of applications.
<dt><a href="project.html">BIRT Project</a>
<dd>The BIRT project itself, such as schedules, contributions, etc.
<dt><a href="limitations.html">Limitations</a>
<dd>Known limitations of the BIRT 1.0 Release.