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<title>BIRT FAQ</title>
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<p class="head">BIRT FAQ</p>
<p class="subhead">Getting Started with BIRT</p>
<h1>Getting Started</h1>
<h2>Q: How should I get started with BIRT?</h2>
<p>Many people want to try out BIRT with a simple report design,
then see that report work on their app server before diving into the details of
BIRT. Here are some suggested steps for getting started. First, try out the BIRT
<li><a href="">Install Eclipse, BIRT and its prerequisites</a>.</li>
<li>Locate and install the JDBC driver for your database. Install them in the
BIRT designer (same page).</li>
<li>Walk through the <a href="">BIRT tutorial</a>
to get an overview of the designer.</li>
<p>Next, try out the BIRT viewer on your app server:</p>
<li>I<a href="">nstall Tomcat &amp; the BIRT viewer</a>.</li>
<li>Install &amp; try out the sample report. (same page as above.)</li>
<li>Install your JDBC drivers into the Viewer. (same page as above.)</li>
<p>Now you're ready to try out a report specific to your
<li>Create a simple report, perhaps a listing of some table, using the BIRT
<li>Preview the data to ensure the connection stuff works.</li>
<li>Preview the report itself to verify your layout.</li>
<li>Create a &quot;reports&quot; directory within the birt-viewer web app created above.</li>
<li>Copy your &quot;first report&quot; to this new reports folder.</li>
<li>Run your report using Tomcat. (Use the URL as on the Viewer setup page,
but use reports/yourReport.rptdesign as the report name, where
yourReport.rptdesign is the name of your report.)</li>
<p>At this point, you're ready to work on greater integration:</p>
<li>Learn about
<a href="">
BIRT Viewer URLs</a> (for passing report parameters).<li>Some brief hints for
<a href="">using the Viewer with PHP</a>,
if that is your server environment.</font></li>
<h2>Q: Where can I find Example Reports?</h2>
<p>Look in the <a href="../examples">Example Gallery</a>.</p>