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<title>BIRT Stable Build S20050314</title>
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<p class="head">BIRT Stable Build S20050314</p>
<p class="subhead">New &amp; Noteworthy</p>
<h1>Report Designer</h1>
<ul class="arrow-list">
<li>Implemented the extension system with charts.
<li>Added JavaScript native objects corresponding to some of the ROM elements.
<li>Added a validation framework to handle checks across multiple properties.
<li>Drag &amp; drop will insert a new element at the insert position even if the
mouse cursor is in the margin area of the designer.
<li>Changed the look and feel of margin border. Made it similar to Word.
<li>Made the margin area visible if the element is expanded within the content area.
<li>Implemented column and row back ground color.
<li>Added edit action to the context menu of label item, text item, etc.
<h1>Report Engine</h1>
<ul class="arrow-list">
<li>FOP customization. Now users can customize FOP through a config file
birt_fop.xml. They can ask FOP to use additional font when rendering.
This addresses a newsgroup question about supporting Chines characters in PDF
<li>Handling spaces in textual items. Consecutive space characters in HTML input for
text items are trimmed, while consecutive space characters entered as plain text are
<li>Migrated to Java 1.4 logging framework as suggested by a user in the
newsgroup. The engine now uses Java 1.4 logging framework.
<li>Completed simple master page support, including two new properties footerHeight
and headerHeight.
<h1>Data Engine</h1>
Tested the following JDBC drivers:
<table class="simple-table">
<td>Driver<td>Driver Version<td>Database(es)<td>Driver Name
<td>jTDS <td>0.9
<td>MS SQLServer 8.0,
Sybase 12.5
<td>MySql <td>3.0
<td>DB2 <td>2.4
DB2 7.2
<td>Oracle <td>9.0.2
<td>Oracle 9.2
<td>Postgres <td>8.0
<h1>Known Issues</h1>
The following are known issues in this build that will be addressed in an
upcoming build.
<ul class="arrow-list">
<li>Charts are not yet fully integrated into the Designer and Engine.
<li>This Linux build has known problems; please use this build on Windows.
<li>BIRT supports non-Latin characters. The design file is encoded in UTF-8.
However, BIRT does not include the UTF-8 header characters in this build. If
you use an editor that inserts them, BIRT will be unable to open the design.