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<?php if (!defined('PmWiki')) exit();
/* Copyright 2004 Patrick R. Michaud (
This file is part of PmWiki; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published
by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version. See pmwiki.php for full details.
This file does simple reference counting on pages in a PmWiki site.
Simply activate this script using
in the config.php file and then use ?action=refcount to bring up
the reference count form. The output is a table where each row
of the table contains a page name or link reference, the number
of (non-RecentChanges) pages that contain links to the page,
the number of RecentChanges pages with links to the page, and the
total number of references in all pages.
SDV($PageRefCountFmt,"<h2 class='wikiaction'>Reference Count Results</h2>");
SDV($RefCountTimeFmt," <small>%Y-%b-%d %H:%M</small>");
function PrintRefCount($pagename) {
global $GroupPattern,$NamePattern,$PageRefCountFmt,$RefCountTimeFmt;
$pagelist = ListPages();
$grouplist = array();
foreach($pagelist as $pname) {
if (!preg_match("/^($GroupPattern)[\\/.]($NamePattern)$/",$pname,$m))
$grouplist = array_merge(array('all' => 'all groups'),$grouplist);
$wlist = array('all','missing','existing','orphaned');
$tlist = isset($_REQUEST['tlist']) ? $_REQUEST['tlist'] : array('all');
$flist = isset($_REQUEST['flist']) ? $_REQUEST['flist'] : array('all');
$whichrefs = @$_REQUEST['whichrefs'];
$showrefs = @$_REQUEST['showrefs'];
$submit = @$_REQUEST['submit'];
echo FmtPageName($PageRefCountFmt,$pagename);
echo "<form method='post'><input type='hidden' action='refcount'>
<table cellspacing='10'><tr><td valign='top'>Show
<br><select name='whichrefs'>";
foreach($wlist as $w)
echo "<option ",($whichrefs==$w) ? 'selected' : ''," value='$w'>$w\n";
echo "</select></td><td valign='top'> page names in group<br>
<select name='tlist[]' multiple size='4'>";
foreach($grouplist as $g=>$t)
echo "<option ",in_array($g,$tlist) ? 'selected' : ''," value='$g'>$t\n";
echo "</select></td><td valign='top'> referenced from pages in<br>
<select name='flist[]' multiple size='4'>";
foreach($grouplist as $g=>$t)
echo "<option ",in_array($g,$flist) ? 'selected' : ''," value='$g'>$t\n";
echo "</select></td></tr></table>
<p><input type='checkbox' name='showrefs' value='checked' $showrefs>
Display referencing pages
<p><input type='submit' name='submit' value='Search'></form><p><hr>";
if ($submit) {
foreach($pagelist as $pname) {
$ref = array();
$page = ReadPage($pname, READPAGE_CURRENT);
if (!$page) continue;
$tref[$pname]['time'] = $page['time'];
if (!in_array('all',$flist) &&
!in_array(FmtPageName('$Group',$pname),$flist)) continue;
$rc = preg_match('/RecentChanges$/',$pname);
foreach(explode(',',@$page['targets']) as $r) {
if ($r=='') continue;
if ($rc) @$tref[$r]['rc']++;
else { @$tref[$r]['page']++; @$pref[$r][$pname]++; }
echo "<table >
<tr><th></th><th colspan='2'>Referring pages</th></tr>
<tr><th>Name / Time</th><th>All</th><th>R.C.</th></tr>";
foreach($tref as $p=>$c) {
if (!in_array('all',$tlist) &&
!in_array(FmtPageName('$Group',$p),$tlist)) continue;
if ($whichrefs=='missing' && PageExists($p)) continue;
elseif ($whichrefs=='existing' && !PageExists($p)) continue;
elseif ($whichrefs=='orphaned' &&
(@$tref[$p]['page']>0 || !PageExists($p))) continue;
echo "<tr><td valign='top'>",LinkPage($pagename, '', $p, '', $p);
if (@$tref[$p]['time']) echo strftime($RefCountTimeFmt,$tref[$p]['time']);
if ($showrefs && is_array(@$pref[$p])) {
foreach($pref[$p] as $pr=>$pc)
echo "<dd>", LinkPage($pagename, '', $pr, '', $pr);
echo "</td>";
echo "<td align='center' valign='top'>",@$tref[$p]['page']+0,"</td>";
echo "<td align='center' valign='top'>",@$tref[$p]['rc']+0,"</td>";
echo "</tr>";
echo "</table>";
function RefCountCmp($ua,$ub) {
if (@($ua['page']!=$ub['page'])) return @($ub['page']-$ua['page']);
if (@($ua['rc']!=$ub['rc'])) return @($ub['rc']-$ua['rc']);
return @($ub['time']-$ua['time']);
function HandleRefCount($pagename) {
global $HandleRefCountFmt,$PageStartFmt,$PageEndFmt;