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version=pmwiki-2.0.beta35 ordered=1
text=!!!Version 2.0.beta36 (30-Apr-2005)²* Fixed bug in search term exclusion (caught/fixed by Nate Cull).²* Eliminated trailing spaces problem in simple tables (caught by F. Johnson)²²!!!Version 2.0.beta35 (24-Apr-2005)²* Fixed bugs in [@(:pagelist:)@] (caught by John Coxon).²* Adjusted end of sample-config.php, copyright notices.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta34 (23-Apr-2005)²* Fixed group search bug (noted by Hans).²* Query string of last search now appears in searchbox.²* Removed ?> tags from ends of scripts to help VMS installations.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta33 (22-Apr-2005)²* Fixed performance bug in FmtPageName and LinkPage.²* Redesigned scripts/pagelist to add new directives and features (major change -- see ReleaseNotes).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta32 (17-Apr-2005)²* Added $RCLinesMax, which can be used to limit the total number of lines in RecentChanges files.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta31 (15-Apr-2005)²* Added ability to password-protect uploads, via ?action=download and $EnableDirectDownload (PITS:00109).²* Added $EnableFixedUrlRedirect (requested by Monty and Fred Chittenden).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta30 (14-Apr-2005)²* Fixed issues with PHP sessions causing deadlock situations.²* Improved PmWiki's locking algorithms.²* Added $PageTextStartFmt and $PageTextEndFmt (requested by John Rankin)²* Fixed wiki link function so that wikiwords aren't automatically spaced if $LinkWikiWords = 0.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta29 (11-Apr-2005)²* Fixed bizarre bug with font scaling on European locales (PITS:00357, reported by Christian Schneider).²* Fixed <pre>...</pre> bug with preformatted text (Cookbook:NoSpacePre, noted by Tom Holroyd).²* Improved page storage and reading algorithm for greater efficiency.²* Changed various actions to avoid reading page history if not needed.²* Changed PageStore class to optimize generation of filenames for standard installations (from a suggestion by Martin Fick).²* Added preliminary code for ²** user-based authorization (PITS:00010)²** form-based authorization (PITS:00026, PITS:00264)²** better display of password settings in attributes form (PITS:00301)²** webserver authentication²** .htpasswd authentication²** LDAP/Active Directory Server authentication²* Added conditional markups for authorization privileges and login status²²!!!Version 2.0.beta28 (27-Mar-2005)²* Added ability to link to other pages' attachments.²* Added ext= option to [@(:attachlist:)@] to limit output to selected extensions (PITS:00389, requested by corqspy).²* Added option to [@(:attachlist:)@] to request listing of attachments for a page other than the current one.²* Fixed incompatibility problem between PmWiki.UploadQuickReference and markup extensions recipe (PITS:00377, reported by gaoj).²* Changed attachments code to force extensions to lowercase (PITS:00315, suggestions from Hagan Fox, Didier Lebrun, Henning, and PRZ).²* Added comment to pmwiki.php regarding comments in pmwiki.php.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta27 (26-Mar-2005)²* Made directives case-insensitive (requested by John Coxon).²* Fixed bug in `VarIndexLoad() (noticed by Dominique Faure).²* Added (:markup:) with [=[@...@]=] arguments (requested by Neil Herber).²* Added (:markupend:) syntax.²* Fixed bug in $MetaRobots (PITS:00393, noticed by Didier Lebrun).²* Added missing ?> to various script files (PITS:00403, reported by Schlaefer).²* Allow localmap.txt files to contain variable substitutions (requested by C. Ridderstr&#246;m).²* Fixed bug in Markup() with rule dependencies.²* Added missing [@{$FullName}@] markup.²* Fixed bug with preformatted markup eating leading spaces (repeatedly reported by C. Ridderstr&#246;m).²²²!!!Version 2.0.beta26 (5-Mar-2005)²* Added edit page templates (PITS:00113, requested by many administrators).²* Fixed bug with search box code in pmwiki template (noticed by mistyfire).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta25 (2-Mar-2005)²* Heading markups now consume an optional space following the markup chars (suggested by H. Fox).²* Added option to `ParseArgs() to allow capture of arguments in the order specified (suggested by C. Ridderström).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta24 (1-Mar-2005)²* Fixed loss of version number in wiki field (PITS:00217, found by Hugo Alrøe).²* Fixed bug with handling of '?'s encoded as %3f in incoming urls. ²* Fixed mis-handling of "`PageNotFound" requests.²* Added $EnablePostAttrClearSession switch to control remembering of session's passwords when posting attributes (requested by Dirk Blaas).²* List markups now consume optional space following markup char.²* Added `ParseArgs() function for uniform handling of directive argument processing.²* Switched pagelist.php to use `ParseArgs().²²!!!Version 2.0.beta23 (24-Feb-2005)²* Fixed post attributes to clear "remembered" passwords so that password enabling and testing is more visible.²* Added $EnablePageListProtect -- when set to a true value it causes read-protected pages to not appear in page listings and search results unless the browser has already been authorized to read them (based on suggestions from Nils Knappmeier, Neil Herber, and PITS:00344).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta22 (23-Feb-2005)²* Fixed authorization form so that cursor is automatically placed in password box (contributed by Hans).²* Fixed bug with non-ASCII character sets in ?action=source (PITS:00336, noted by HansB).²* Updated scripts/guiedit.php to allow buttons with arbitrary HTML actions.²* Fixed permissions on .lastmod (PITS:00339, reported by Mark S. and others).²* Fixed bug in PCache where variables weren't set correctly for RecentChanges pages.²* Made substantial changes to skins.php to ease control of page template sections.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta21 (13-Feb-2005)²* Changed width of edit box in pmwiki skin to be 98% for IE (suggested by Hans).²* Fixed bug in scripts/pgcust.php with checking wrong flag for loading local/default.php (PITS:00305, discovered by Joe Miller).²* Fixed bug with empty table heading (<th>) cells not generating [=&nbsp;=] (noticed by V. Krishn).²* Fixed bug with table attributes line generating empty <p></p> paragraphs (also noticed by V. Krishn).²* Fixed bug with settings of $AuthorPage and $AuthorLink (noticed by M. Weiner and John Rankin PITS:00247).²* Fixed a very minor bug in the PageStore->ls() method.²* Added conversion of [@[[page:]]@] and [@[[linebreaks]]@] v1 markups from cookbook recipes (suggested by C. Ridderström and P. Ogay).²* Fixed rss.php to display $Title instead of just a page's name (suggested by G.J. De Bruin).²* Changed PmWiki's default umask to 002.²* Added the `DisableMarkup() function (suggested by C. Ridderström).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta20 (30-Jan-2005)²* Added ability to place comments in localmap.txt files (requested by C. Ridderström).²* Removed extra spacing before "Upload" button in upload form (suggested by H. Fox).²* Changed $UrlLinkFmt to have rel='nofollow' attribute in external links. ²* Added <div id='wikidiff'> around page history output.²* Fixed global variable oddity in setting of $Skin in scripts/skins.php (discovered by N. Herber).²* Added ability to place wiki styles in heading markups.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta19 (17-Jan-2005)²* This version works around a problem with losing edits when a PHP session expires, or when browsers have cookies disabled (reported by C. Freeze).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta18 (17-Jan-2005)²* Fixed bug with incorrect call to setlocale() in pmwiki.php (noticed by Ciaran).²* Fixed bug with search results and other block markups being wrapped in <p>...</p> tags (PITS:00074, reported by John Rankin).²* WikiTrails now allows alternate text in the trail page reference (PITS:00271, requested by Oneida Kincaid).²* Added "styles" index to default $HTMLHeaderFmt, to allow disabling of inlined styles.²* Added $GUIButtonDirUrlFmt variable to guiedit to make it easy to provide alternate guibutton sets.²* Added more guibuttons.²* Moved "Attach:" guibutton code into upload.php.²* Fixed bug with $LastModified timestamp in page history (noted by Neil Herber and others).²* Modified guiedit code so that the sample text is highlighted after hitting a button (makes it easy to locate and overwrite existing sample text).²²²!!!Version 2.0.beta17 (12-Jan-2005)²* Fixed bug in advanced tables not closing properly.²* Fixed wikistyles so that color changes extend to anchor tags (PITS:00282).²* Fixed a bug in handling arrayed default passwords.²* Added $Titlespaced conversion to compat1x.php.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta16 (11-Jan-2005)²* Fixed missing guiedit.js file in distribution.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta15 (10-Jan-2005)²* Fixed problem with [@{$Title}@] markup (PITS:00177, thanks to Neil Herber).²* Added $Titlespaced and [@{$Titlespaced}@] (requested by H. Fox).²* Fixed another bug in vardoc.php that was preventing some restore links from working.²* Fixed bug in compat1x.php that was incorrectly converting reference-style links (noticed by Christian Ridderström).²* Re-adjusted wikistyles again to allow styles to appear in link text.²* Cleaned up rss encodings of named character entities (PITS:00129 and PITS:00239, reported by Bronwyn, GrahamL, and others).²* Fixed problem with block styling containing only links (PITS:00258, reported by Hans Bracker).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta14 (28-Dec-2004)²* Removed border= attribute from <img ...> tags, now uses style='border:0px;' instead. (PITS:00169, reported by Balu).²* Removed extraneous $Fragment from print skin (PITS:00241, reported by BrBrBr).²* Fixed ?action=crypt posting (reported by Hans Bracker)²* Added id='text' to $PageEditFmt.²* Cleaned up 'posteval' code for `MarkupToHTML() function.²* Optimized a number of patterns for (hopefully) faster pattern matching.²* Fixed URLs to better encode non-ASCII characters.²* Converted substr() comparisons to more efficient expressions.²* Added a cache to `PageExists() function.²* Cleaned up `PrintFmt() function for better processing.²* Added Lock(0) to `PrintFmt to release locks prior to sending data to browser.²* Fixed bug with empty `StopWatch() function (reported by K. Alboldt).²* Changed ?action=diff to require 'read' permissions (Note: this will change to be admin configurable in another release).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta13 (22-Dec-2004)²* Fixed a bug introduced in 2.0.beta7 that causes ?action=refcount to produce incorrect links (thanks to Leo for reporting this).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta12 (21-Dec-2004)²* Added <div id='wikipreview'>, <div id='wikiupload'>, <div id='wikiattr'>, and <div class='wikisearch'> to appropriate forms and documents (suggested by Dominique Faure).²* Added the [@(:description:)@] markup for setting <meta name='description' ...> (PITS:00016).²* Added $UnapprovedLinkCountMax to limit the number of unapproved external links that can appear in a post.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta11 (19-Dec-2004)²* Fixed bug with trailing punctuation in uris (PITS:00134, thanks to chr).²* Added note to sample-config.php about admin passwords (suggested by Hans Bracker)²* Cleaned up StopWatch function, added $EnableStopWatch to control functionality.²* Fixed message where upload exceeds PHP maximum.²* Modified upload.php so that the "Upload name" field is blank after performing an upload.²* Changed upload functionality to use $LinkUpload instead of $LinkUrl (note, this affects $LinkUploadCreateFmt)²²!!!Version 2.0.beta10 (14-Dec-2004)²* Improved mkdirp() function to give more appropriate diagnostics with respect to PHP's safe_mode setting.²* Improved handling/permissions/recovery of wiki.d/.flock file.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta9 (14-Dec-2004)²* Fixed bug in [@[[target |#]]@] markup.²* Fixed bug in vardoc with substitution of old $FmtV into $LinkText.²* Fixed bug(?) in uploads.php not submitting urls to correct address.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta8 (13-Dec-2004)²* Changed ?pagename= to ?n= for urls.²* Changed PmWiki to default to not using PATH_INFO-style urls.²* Fixed bug where ?action=diff would disable external links and images in sidebar (PITS:00227, thanks to `BrBrBr).²* Changed (&uArr;) in uploads.php to (&Delta;) (PITS:00127, thanks to jr and Schlaefer).²* Fixed Q: and A: markups (PITS:00067).²* Added $TableRowAttr and $TableCellAttr, along with $TableRowCount, $TableRowIndex, and $TableCellCount for stylized tables (suggested by Ciaran).²* Fixed incorrect [=PmWiki:=] location in intermap.txt.²* Fixed likely hyphen bug in author.php that was removing spaces.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta7 (8-Dec-2004)²* Added PUE() function to handle specialized url encoding.²* Added code to work around $Newline in posted text.²* Fixed spelling of 'gray' in css (thanks to S. Andreozzi).²* Fixed .htaccess files in local/ and wiki.d/.²* Fixed bug in sample-config.php (PITS:00216, thanks to noe).²* Fixed < and > bugs in q= parameter to search.²* Fixed default width of edit textarea (PITS:00052).²* Restored link citation/reference markup [@[[target|#]]@] (PITS:00049).²* Restored [@(:keywords:)@] markup (PITS:00089).²* Fixed internationalization of $DefaultPageTextFmt.²* Updated/added xlpage-utf-8.php for UTF-8 support (PITS:00168).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta6 (5-Dec-2004)²* Fixed internationalization of PmWiki.EditQuickReference (PITS:00159, thanks to PRZ and noe).²* Fixed bug in `FmtPageName() that was incorrectly converting all slashes to dots (PITS:00201, thanks to C. Bonamigo).²* Restored $DiffChangeSum variable in pagerev.php (PITS:00200).²* Fixed farmmap.txt (PITS:00207, thanks to Keith Campbell).²* Changed $MaxIncludes default value to 50.²* Restored $WikiWordCountMax and $WikiWordCount functionality (PITS:00007).²* Updated sample-config.php.²* Fixed some skin README files.²²!!!Version 2.0.beta5 (1-Dec-2004)²* Corrected $EnablePostAuthorRequired (variable was misnamed -- thanks to John Feezell for reporting the bug).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta4 (1-Dec-2004)²* Added conversion to scripts/compat1x.php for `PmWikiDraw -- [@[[Drawing:SomePage]]@] is converted to [@(:drawing SomePage:)@].²* Fixed bug in use of $_REQUEST/$_POST in several scripts.²* Fixed code handling extra '?var=value' parameters to set values in $_REQUEST as well as $_GET (PITS:00165).²* Fixed missing slash in [@(:attachlist:)@] links (PITS:00192, thanks to Brent Zupp for reporting this).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta3 (30-Nov-2004)²* Changed references to $_REQUEST to be $_POST for edit sequence.²* Suppressed external links in page history output.²* Added .GIF, .JPG, .PNG to valid image extensions (PITS:00168, thanks to noe).²* Fixed locking of Main.GroupAttributes and PmWiki.GroupAttributes (PITS:00183, thanks to Balu).²* Fixed PmWiki.EditQuickReference to work in IE again (PITS:00164, thanks to PRZ).²* Fixed documentation in PmWiki.SimpleTables2 (PITS:00186, thanks to PRZ).²* Added an [@(:attachlist:)@] markup (PITS:00001).²²!!!Version 2.0.beta2 (28-Nov-2004)²* Fixed bug with `LoadPageTemplate in skins.php. ²²!!!Version 2.0.beta1 (26-Nov-2004)²* Fixed index used for setting robots <meta> tag.²* Fixed intermap.txt links to point to new pmwiki 2.0 location.²* Changed default for urlapprove.php to be ?action=approvesites.²* Added more documentation pages.²²!!!Version 2.0.devel27 (25-Nov-2004)²* Fixed bug with setting of $Needle (PITS:00154, thanks to KAL).²* Fixed bug with "Group/" not working in searches (PITS:00131, thanks to PRZ for finding the bug and John Rankin for suggesting the fix).²* Fixed missing <tr> in stopwatch output.²* Fixed rss to use <dc:date> instead of <pubDate> (for compatibility with Firefox Live Bookmarks).²* Added <dc:contributor> element to rss 2.0 output (PITS:00157, suggested by Steffen Glückselig).²* Added $EnableUrlApprovalRequired to scripts/urlapprove.php.²* Fixed permissions problem on uploaded files for setuid environments (reported by Steven Leite).²* Fixed permissions problems for RSS feeds (noted by Enrique Pardo and others).²* Changed skins code (hopefully for the last time!)²* Fixed print skin to use new skin format.²* Changed default error reporting to suppress E_NOTICE messages.²²!!!Version 2.0.devel26 (11-Nov-2004)²* Fixed leading spaces bug in [@[[ target | text ]]@] links (PITS:00149, thanks to Klonk).²* Fixed bug with leading items missing from trail path (PITS:00143, thanks to John Rankin).²* Fixed $CurrentTime bug (PITS:00115, thanks to Philip Jägenstedt).²* Added scripts/rss.php, updated for PmWiki 2.0 (PITS:00128).²* Updated scripts/compat1x.php for performing migrations, as well as updated the UpgradingFromPmWiki1 documentation to match (PITS:00151).²²!!!Version 2.0.devel25 (9-Nov-2004)²* Fixed bug in compat1x.php script not converting [@[[{{free link}}#anchor text]]@] correctly (PITS:00148, thanks to Klonk and kt007).²²!!!Version 2.0.devel24 (9-Nov-2004)²* Added password protection of `ApprovedUrls page in urlapprove.php script (PITS:00004).²* Added "upload" attribute and default locked upload password (reported by S. Leite).²* Fixed name of [@{$fmt}@] and [@{$var}@] markup rules.²²!!!Version 2.0.devel23 (8-Nov-2004)²* Fixed bug in fmt=grouplist (thanks to John Feezell).²* Added "redirect" parameter for Redirect (suggested by Ciaran).²* Added `GroupAttributes to list of excluded pages in list=normal (PITS:00133, suggested by Val).²²!!!Version 2.0.devel22 (4-Nov-2004)²* Fixed bug in [@[[text -> target]]@] when target is empty (thanks to S. Leite).²* Fixed missing "file:" directive in `PrintFmt (thanks to Scott Duff).²²!!!Version 2.0.devel21 (2-Nov-2004)²* Fixed bug in [@(:nl:)@] handling (thanks to Balu).²* Fixed 'text' E_NOTICE warning (thanks to chr).²* Fixed missing group/ if $LinkWikiWords set off (thanks to Steven Leite).²²!!!Version 2.0.devel20 (29-Oct-2004)²* Added [@%align=left%@] and [@%align=right%@] WikiStyles for images (PITS:00009).²* Added category [@[[!Category]]@] markup (proposed by jr). This is still experimental, and may be changed/removed for 2.0.²* Fixed handling of $PageSkinFmt and $PrintSkinFmt.²²!!!Version 2.0.devel19 (27-Oct-2004)²* Fixed bug in `FmtPageName with substituting null strings if an invalid $pagename is encountered (related to PITS:00117, thanks to jr).²²!!!Version 2.0.devel18 (27-Oct-2004)²* Fixed handling of [@(:searchresults:)@] directive with parameters (thanks to Knut Alboldt for finding this).²²!!!Version 2.0.devel17 (26-Oct-2004)²* Restored file: links (PITS:00112, thanks to Chris Untold)²* Added scripts/refcount.php.²* Fixed bug with <pre> formatted text not in a single block (thanks to Steffen Bauch)²²!!!Version 2.0.devel16 (22-Oct-2004)²* Fixed numerous bugs in `PrintAttrForm (thanks to S. Sherebrin).²* Fixed bug in calling getrusage() for Windows (PITS:00094, thanks to Adam Bull)²* Fixed bug with WikiTrails and spacewikiwords (PITS:00103, thanks to jr)²* Modified per-page and per-group customizations so that per-group customizations are loaded even if a per-page customization exists -- see scripts/pgcust.php.²* Changed $EnablePerGroupCust to $EnablePGCust.²* Modified [@`WikiWord@] markup to protect [@`Group.WikiWord@].²* Added code to go ahead and look for ''config.php'' in the current directory if ''local/config.php'' doesn't exist.²* Added $EnableLocalConfig to allow farm administrators to control automatic local configuration.²* Fixed `LinkIMap to properly url-encode non-ASCII characters (needed for IE, related to PITS:00053).²* Fixed problems with non-ASCII characters in attachment names (PITS:00053, thanks to Henning and Zverik).²* PmWiki now sets locale to en_US if default is UTF-8 or C.²* Added $PageSkinFmt and $PrintSkinFmt to simplify layout template specs, which also reorganizes the files in the pub/skins directory.²²!!!Version 2.0.devel15 (21-Oct-2004)²* Fixed bugs in [@(:if:)@] markup.²* Added 'true', 'group', and 'name' conditions to ConditionalMarkup.²* Fixed bug with nested lists appearing inside of non-nesting blocks (PITS:00101, thanks to Mystique for finding this bug).²* Fixed date-formatting bug in Last-Modified header (PITS:00099, thanks to PRZ).²* Fixed bug with $DiffClassMinor in edit (PITS:00095).²* Improved phpdiff algorithm to ignore blank lines as target of shortest-distance search (PITS:00096, thanks to Elias Soong for analysis and suggestion).²* Added "clear:both;" to default print template (PITS:00079, suggested by SV).²²²!!!Version 2.0.devel14 (20-Oct-2004)²* Fixed problem with html entities being translated in included text (PITS:00100, thanks to Knut Alboldt)²* Added capability to use a `WikiTrail as the scope of a search.²* Fixed bug with $SearchPatterns (PITS:00066, thanks to PRZ).²* Added list= parameter to searchresults, pagelist, etc. to filter list output (requested by P. Krait and others).²* Converted [:directive:] to (:directive:)²* Changed $PageName to $FullName. $PageName still but is deprecated and will be removed in the 2.0 release.²* Added $Action and $ActionTitleFmt to create better <title>s. (PITS:00093, thanks to jr).²* Deprecated $HTMLTitleFmt, updated layout templates.²²²!!!Version 2.0.devel13 (11-Oct-2004)²* Added code to remove trailing slashes from pagename in `URLs (suggested by Steven Leite).²* Made change to set the default locale using PmWiki 1's algorithm.²* Modified httpauth to keep track of multiple passwords via sessions (if possible).²* Added wikiword spacing and title control via `WikiLink function.²* Added $AsSpacedFunction and `AsSpaced.²* Fixed trails.php to use `MakePageName instead of `MakeLink to build pagenames.²* Added `SaveAttributes, which extracts a page's title and link targets into separate page attributes.²* Fixed search function to also search for matching targets.²* Added $LinkWikiWords to control WikiWord linking.²* Changed $PageTitle to $Title.²* Added `PCache to provide quick access to subsets of page attributes; this eliminates the `SetPage function.²²!!!Version 2.0.devel12 (10-Oct-2004)²* Fixed [@[:nofooter:]@] (PITS:00080, thanks to PRZ).²* Fixed incorrect array cast (PITS:00073, thanks to noe).²* Fixed handling of WikiWords with query fragments (PITS:00069, thanks to jr)²* Fixed bug with empty double-brackets links (PITS:00083, thanks to PRZ).²* Fixed bug with link text in WikiTrails (PITS:00085, thanks to PRZ).²²!!!Version 2.0.devel11 (3-Oct-2004)²* Added [@'+big+', '-small-', '^super^', '_sub_', {+ins+}, {-del-}@] and [@`WikiWord@] (with credit to John Rankin).²* Added [@--<hanging indent@] text (suggested by John Rankin).²* Added $DefaultPasswords.²* Switched pmwiki to default to session-based passwords.²* Added scripts/httpauth.php for administrators who wish to use HTTP Basic authentication.²²!!!Version 2.0.devel10 (1-Oct-2004)²* Fixed $GroupPattern bug in trails.php (PITS:00057, thanks to John Rankin).²* Added comments about markups supported by || in stdmarkup.php (PITS:00056, thanks to John Rankin).²* Added $HTMLPNewline to specify what to output for newlines in the middle of paragraph text (PITS:00063).²* Fixed [=~~=]~ markup to properly display in page previews (PITS:00059, thanks to Larry Baltz and others).²* Added $LinkPageSelfFmt to specify how self-referencing page links should be formatted (kudos to John Rankin).²* Added a PHP-based diff engine, set it as the default for edits (with great thanks to Nils Knappmeier).²* Cleaned up the page history output slightly.²²!!!Version 2.0.devel9 (30-Sep-2004)²* Modified `FmtPageName() so that dynamic substitutions are customizable.²* Added `StopWatch features.²* Changed $KeepToken so that it wouldn't be treated as part of a WikiWord (at least not in latin-1 charsets).²* Cleaned up `ReadPage.²* Added "[[advanced tables]]" markup ([@[:table:]@]). May still need some testing.²* Added scripts/compat1x.php to assist with converting 1.x sites to 2.0.²²!!!Version 2.0.devel8 (22-Sep-2004)²* Added browser caching via If-Modified-Since HTTP headers. This can be enabled via $EnableIMSCaching=1; in config.php.²²!!!Version 2.0.devel7 (21-Sep-2004)²* Modified `MakeLink() function to strip <html> tags when creating a target link. This may allow inline markups to be processed before links.²* Fixed url pattern used for mailto: links.²* Moved inline markups to occur before link processing. This should enable many inline markups within link text. It may also cause some problems, so this change is a bit tentative.²²!!!Version 2.0.devel6 (20-Sep-2004)²* Fixed ||!table caption!|| (PITS:00040, thanks to John Rankin)²* Added $UrlLinkFmt, $IMapLinkFmt (PITS:00050, thanks to John Rankin)²* Removed extraneous spaces from link texts (PITS:00047, thanks to Bronwyn)²* Fixed author tracking (PITS:00048, thanks to Larry Baltz)²* Added "markup:" parameter for `PrintFmt (addresses PITS:00051)²* Added <!--markup:...--> template option.²²!!!Version 2.0.devel5 (13-Sep-2004)²²* Fixed wikistyle nesting problem (PITS:00032, thanks to Balu for catching this)²* Moved body { margin-left:20px; } into pmwiki.css (PITS:00034, thanks to Balu)²* Changed calls to ucwords() to use preg_replace() since ucwords doesn't work properly in some languages (PITS:00031, thanks to Zverik)²* Fixed problems with partial `URLs (PITS:00013)²* Fixed upload.php to use SDVA on $UploadExts (thanks to Larry Baltz)²* Fixed problem with WikiStyles crossing header tags (PITS:00032, thanks to Balu)²²!!!Version 2.0.devel4 (6-Sep-2004)²²* Fixed call-time-pass-by-reference in simuledit.php (thanks to CB).²* Added ?action=crypt.²* Added ?action=print.²* Added `XLPage() functions and fixed problems with i18n (PITS:00011)²* Fixed bug in trails.php code (PITS:00017)²* Documented custom markup functions (PITS:00003)²* Improved ?action=ruleset slightly²* Added [@[[<<]]@] markup (thanks to JF)²²!!!Version 2.0.devel3 (27-Aug-2004)²²* Fixed missing mode parameter in mkdir (thanks to javajunky on irc).²²!!!Version 2.0.devel2 (27-Aug-2004)²²* Added $EnablePathInfo support.²* Fixed problem with QUERY_STRING handling of '?'.²²!!!Version 2.0.devel1 (26-Aug-2004)²²* Initial release. For experimental and development use '''only'''.²²