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text=This page is intended to describe features of PmWiki 1.0 that have been changed or eliminated in PmWiki 2.0. For now this page will be maintained as a simple list and will probably need some restructuring later.²²!!!Markup changes²²* Double brackets are used for all links, including [@[[free links]]@]. Providing alternate text for a link is performed using either a vertical brace [@[[PageName | link text]]@] or an arrow [@[[link text -> PageName]]@]. See [[PmWiki.Links]].²²* So far, the [@ThisPage:@], [@ThisGroup:@], etc., InterMap shortcuts are not defined. In fact, they may not be needed in PmWiki 2. If someone needs them, add an entry to PITS:NewIssue explaining why.\\²\\²Ok, so as an example, how next lines, which are in a sidebar, may be written in pmwiki2 ?\\²[=*[[ThisPage:?action=upload Upload]]=]\\²[=*[[ThisGroup:SideBar&action=edit Edit menu]]=]²²->%Pm font-style=normal% You can write them as [@[[{$Name}?action=upload | Upload]]@] and [@[[{$Group}/SideBar?action=edit | Edit menu]]@]. ²²->(The variables [={$Name}=] and [={$Group}=] are SpecialMarkups.)²²²!!!Changes affecting skins²²* $PageTemplateFmt is obsolete, but $PageTemplateFmt still works, and this may change yet again before the 2.0 official release. To use a different skin, you can use the $Skin variable ($Skin = 'skinname';) and just fill it with the name of the skin, it will assume it's in the pub/skins/[skinname] folder containing the [skinname].tmpl file.²²* $HTMLTitleFmt no longer exists -- just place the <title> information directly into the template.²²* In $...Fmt strings, $Title_ and $Title are currently represented by $Name. $Title is now used to refer to a page's title (which may be different from its name and could have different formatting, such as spaces).²²* The ''css/stdlayout.css'' file no longer exists; PmWiki and other modules now place required formatting styles directly into the $HTMLStylesFmt array.²²* $PageName is now $FullName. $PageName still functions but will be removed in the 2.0 official release.²²* Searching now uses the [@q=@] variable to provide the text to be searched (formerly the search text went in the [@text=@] variable.²²!!!Other customization changes²²* PmWiki 2 now uses session-based authentication by default. If you want to continue to use HTTP-Basic authentication, add the following line to ''config.php'' include_once('scripts/httpauth.php');²²* Disabling WikiWords is now done by setting $LinkWikiWords . Previously this was controlled by $WikiWordCountMax .²²* $HTMLLineBreak is now $HTMLPNewline. See Cookbook:LineBreaks.²²* The skins system has been revised, and is now much more flexibily controlled by the $Skin and $ActionSkins variables. See PmWiki.LayoutBasics. But $PageTemplateFmt still works.²²* The $BrowseReplacements, $DoubleBrackets, and $InlineReplacements arrays are no longer used -- see [[custom markup]].²²* [@?action=post@] no longer exists -- posting a new page is now performed by using [@?action=edit@] with the [@post@] control set to a true value.²²* $WikiWordPagePathFmt is now $PagePathFmt, which is applied to all page links not qualified by a group.²²* $WikiPageExistsFmt, $WikiPageCreateFmt, etc. are now $LinkPageExistsFmt, $LinkPageCreateFmt, etc.²²* $DeleteKeyWord is now $DeleteKeyPattern.²²* $GroupHeaderFmt and $GroupFooterFmt now specify the ''markup'' to be added to the beginning and end of each page, rather than the name of the page. The default settings of $GroupHeaderFmt and $GroupFooterFmt perform the equivalent of an [@(:include:)@] of the GroupHeader and `GroupFooter pages.²²* PmWiki's [=ReadPage()=] function no longer supplies default text for non-existent pages -- this is now decided by whatever functions need the page. (As of 2.0.devel9 the default text is still stored in $DefaultPageTextFmt, however.)²²* $SearchExcludePatterns is now simply $SearchPatterns and can be chosen by the [@list=@] parameter to [@(:searchresults:)@] and [@(:pagelist:)@]. See Cookbook:SearchResults.²²* $EnablePerGroupCust is now $EnablePGCust.²²* $TableCellAttr is now $TableCellAttrFmt.²²
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