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text=This page describes how a WikiAdministrator can create additional InterMap links.²²The file ''intermap.txt'' in the ''scripts/'' directory specifies the default InterMap links that are distributed with PmWiki. Each line of ''intermap.txt'' has the following format:²² [=MapPrefix]²²For example, @@intermap.txt@@ has the following entries:² [=² ISBN² IMDB² Meatball² PmWiki² UseMod² Wiki² Wikipedia]²²To create your own InterMap links, ''do not edit the ''intermap.txt'' file directly!'' You'll lose your changes when you do a PmWiki.[[Upgrade(s)]]. Instead, create a file called ''localmap.txt'' in the ''local/'' subdirectory containing your InterMap links in the format described above. PmWiki will automatically read your links after loading the ''intermap.txt'' entries.²²You can also define InterMap entries where the text of the entry is substituted into the middle of the URL. Just include '$1' in the URL where you want the substitution to take place. For example:² [=² Jargon$1.html² =]²would cause [@Jargon:F/feature-creep@] to be converted to [@]. ²²!!! Variables and intermap links²²It is possible to use variables together with the [=URLs=] in the InterMap²entries. For instance, you can add something like this to your ''local/localmap.txt'' file, creating [@ThisWiki:@] and [@ThisPage:@] shortcuts:²² ThisWiki $ScriptUrl² ThisPage $PageUrl²²%trail%<<|PmWiki.DocumentationIndex|>>
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