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text=The InterMap is a system for defining links between WikiWikiWeb sites that was first developed by UseMod:UseModWiki and Meatball:MeatballWiki. InterMap links have the form [@MapPrefix:Page@], where the host prefix is converted to a partial URL based on entries in the site's ''intermap.txt'' and ''localmap.txt'' files.²²The default ''intermap.txt'' distributed with PmWiki includes the following InterMap entries:² [=² PmWiki² Cookbook² Wiki² UseMod² Meatball² Wikipedia² =]²Thus, PmWiki:Variables becomes a link to the [[PmWiki.Variables]] page on the official PmWiki web site, Wiki:FrontPage is a link to the front page of the first WikiWikiWeb, and Wikipedia:Stonehenge takes you to the Wikipedia article about the famous megaliths in England.²²InterMap links can be used to link to non-wiki pages: %newwin% ISBN:020171499X %% is a link to's entry for ''The Wiki Way'' by Bo Leuf and Ward Cunningham (an excellent book about [[WikiWikiWeb]]s in general).²²The actual set of InterMap links at any site is defined by the site administrator; for more details, see [[PmWiki.CustomInterMap]]s.²²%trail%<<|PmWiki.DocumentationIndex|>>
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