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text=<<|[[PmWiki.Variables]]|>>²²PHP variable substitutions in the skin template are all managed by the `FmtPageName() function from pmwiki.php. Pmwiki variable substitutions available on pages are managed by the {$var} substitutions from stdmarkup.php or superceded in local/config files. ([[!DocumentationToDo]])²²:$WikiTitle:A variable which contains the Wiki title as displayed by the browser²²:$HTMLStylesFmt:An array of CSS statements to be included in the page's output along with other HTML headers. This array provides an easy place for scripts to add custom CSS statements.²²:$HTMLHeaderFmt:An array of HTML text to be included in the page's <head> section. This array provides an easy place for scripts to add custom HTML headers.²²:$RecentChangesFmt:An array specifying the format of the RecentChanges listing.²²->The format can be specified in your config.php using the following:²² $[=RecentChangesFmt=] = array(² '[=Main.AllRecentChanges=]' => ² '* [=[[$Group.$Name]]=] . . . $[=CurrentTime=] by $[=AuthorLink=]',² '$[=Group.RecentChanges=]' =>² '* [=[[$Group/$Name]]=] . . . $[=CurrentTime=] by $[=AuthorLink=]');²²->Note that changes made to the format will only affect new edits. In other words, you will need to edit a page for your new format to be visible. Note also that you need to have two spaces between the page name and the other information about the edit.²²:$RCLinesMax:The maximum number of lines to be stored in RecentChanges pages. The default is zero, meaning "no limit".² $RCLinesMax = 1000; # maintain at most 1000 recent changes²²:$PageRedirectFmt:The text to be used when a page is redirected via the [@(:redirect:)@] markup.² [=² $PageRedirectFmt = '<p><i>redirected from $FullName</p>';² $PageRedirectFmt = '';² =]²²:$WikiStyle:An array which contains the predefined WikiStyles which can be used on a textpage.[[<<]]See: PmWiki.CustomWikiStyles²²:$MaxIncludes:Controls the number of times that pages can be included via the [@(:include:)@] and other directives, used to control recursion and otherwise pose a sanity check on page contents. $MaxIncludes defaults to 50, but can be set to any value by the wiki administrator.² $MaxIncludes = 50; # default² $MaxIncludes = 1000; # allow lots of includes² $MaxIncludes = 0; # turn off includes²²:$Skin:Points to the directory of an own or different layout skin.²²:$SkinDirUrl:Set by ''scripts/skins.php'' to be the base url of the current skin's directory (i.e., within a 'pub/skins/' directory). This variable is typically used inside of a skin .tmpl file to provide access to .css files and graphic images associated with the skin.²²:$EnablePathInfo:Changes the handling of the page URL. When set to @@1@@ page URL will be, when set to @@0@@ (default) it will be²²See also: EditVariables