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text=<<|[[PmWiki.Variables]]|>>²²:$WikiWordCountMax:The maximum number of times to convert each WikiWord encountered on a page. Defaults to 1,000,000. Common settings for this variable are zero (disable WikiWord links) and one (convert only the first occurrence of each WikiWord).² $WikiWordCountMax = 0; # disable WikiWord links² $WikiWordCountMax = 1; # convert only first WikiWord²²:$WikiWordCount:An array that allows the number of WikiWord conversions to be set on a per-WikiWord basis. The default is to use $WikiWordCountMax unless a value is set in this array. By default PmWiki sets @@$WikiWordCount['PmWiki']=1@@ to limit the number of conversions of "PmWiki".² $WikiWordCount[=['PhD']=0; # Don't convert "PhD"=]² $WikiWordCount['WikiWord']=5; # Convert WikiWord 5 times² # the following lines keep a page from linking to itself² $title = [=FmtPageName=]('$Title_',$pagename);² $WikiWordCount[$title]=0; ²²²:$PagePathFmt:TODO²²:$LinkPageExistsFmt:The (HTML) string to output for links to already existing wiki pages. Defaults to ² <a class='wikilink' href='$LinkUrl'>$LinkText</a>²²:$LinkPageCreateFmt:The (HTML) string to output for links to non-existent wiki pages. The default is to add a '?' after the link text with a link to the page edit/create form. Defaults to² <a class='createlinktext' href='$PageUrl?action=edit'>$LinkText</a>² <a class='createlink' href='$PageUrl?action=edit'>?</a>²²:$LinkPageCreateSpaceFmt:Same as $LinkPageCreateFmt, but used when the link text has a space in it.²²:$LinkPageSelfFmt:The (HTML) string to output for self-referencing links (i.e. links to the page itself). Defaults to² <a class='selflink' href='$LinkUrl'>$LinkText</a>²²:$UrlLinkFmt:The (HTML) string to output for URL-links that begin with 'http:', 'ftp:', etc. Defaults to² <a class='urllink' href='$LinkUrl'>$LinkText</a>²²:$MakePageNameFunction:Name of a custom function to replace `MakePageName(), which converts strings into valid page names.²²:$InterMapFiles:An array consisting a list of files containing InterMap entries to be loaded (see CustomInterMap).
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