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text=One of the purposes of [[WikiGroup]]s is to allow a WikiAdministrator to customize the features of PmWiki on a per-group basis. Here is where [[per group customizations]] come into play.²²The ''local/'' subdirectory (in the same directory that holds ''pmwiki.php'') is used to hold local configuration files. To perform [[local customizations]] for a particular WikiGroup, place the customizations in a file called "''Group.php''" (where ''Group'' is the actual name of the page group in question) in the ''local/'' subdirectory. This file will be automatically processed after processing any local customizations in the ''config.php'' file.²²For example, to change the image displayed in the upper-left corner of pages in the "Chess" WikiGroup, one could create ''local/Chess.php'' containing²² <?php² $PageLogoUrl = "/myimages/chess.gif" ?>²²This would cause all pages in the Chess WikiGroup to use "/myimages/chess.gif" as the logo image instead of the default.²²Almost any customization that would be placed in ''config.php'' can be used as a per-group customization.²²[[#PerPage]] PmWiki also allows per-page customizations, simply use the full name of the page to be customized instead of the group. For example, one can use the file ''local/Chess.`HomePage.php'' to set local customizations for Chess.`HomePage.²²For all local customizations, PmWiki first processes the ''local/config.php'' file, and then looks for a per-page customization file in the ''local/'' subdirectory to process, followed by any per-group customization file. If no per-page or per-group customizations are loaded, then PmWiki loads ''local/default.php''.²²Any customization file can set $EnablePGCust=0; to prevent later page/group/default customizations from being automatically loaded. If a per-page customization needs to have the per-group customizations loaded first, it can do so directly by using PHP's [@include_once()@] function.²²Any passwords required for a group should be set in the group's `GroupAttributes page (see PasswordsAdmin) and not in a group customization file. ²²[[WikiGroup]]s are an easy way to host multple sites in a single PmWiki installation by giving each site its own group. Another approach is to use [[WikiFarms]], which allows each site to have its own set of WikiGroups and local customization files. However, if you're hoping to add several levels of groups, [[PmWiki:HierarchicalGroups|read this first]].²²%trail% <<|PmWiki.DocumentationIndex|>>
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