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text=RefCount performs link reference counts on pages in the PmWiki database (i.e., counts of links between pages). Before using RefCount, it must be enabled by the [[wiki administrator]] by placing the following line in a [[local customization(s)]] file:²² include_once("$FarmD/scripts/refcount.php");²²To use refcount add [@?action=refcount@] to the URL of any wiki page to bring up the reference count form. For example:²²%newwin%²²The refcount form contains the following controls:²*'''Show''' ~ This selects which pages will appear in the output²**all ~ Shows all references ²**missing ~ Shows only references to pages that don't exist²**existing ~ Shows only references to pages do exist²**orphaned ~ Shows pages that exist but don't have any references to them. There is no way to browse to an orphaned page.²*'''page names in group''' ~ Selects which group(s) to the referenced pages can be in²*'''referenced from pages in''' ~ Selects which group(s) the referencing pages can be in²*'''Display referencing pages''' ~ Includes a link to the referencing page -- this can make for a very long output unless you limit the groups searched²²The output is a table where each row of the table contains a page name or link reference, the number of (non-RecentChanges) pages that contain links to the page and the number of RecentChanges pages with links to the page.²²%trail%<<|PmWiki.DocumentationIndex|>>²
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