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text=<<|[[PmWiki.Variables]]|>>²²:$EnableUpload:The upload.php script is automatically included from stdconfig.php if the $EnableUpload variable is true in config.php. Note that one may still need to set an upload password before users can upload (see UploadsAdmin).²²:$UploadDir:The directory where uploads are to be stored. Defaults to ''uploads/'' in the pmwiki directory, but can be set to any location on the server. This directory must be writable by the webserver process if uploading is to occur.²²:$UploadUrlFmt:The url of the directory given by $UploadDir. ²²:$UploadPrefixFmt:Sets the prefix for uploaded files to allow attachments to be organized other than by groups. Defaults to [@'/$Group'@] (uploads are organized per-group), but can be set to other values for sitewide or per-page attachments $UploadPrefixFmt = '/$FullName'; # per-page attachments² $UploadPrefixFmt = ''; # sitewide attachments²²:$EnableDirectDownload:When set to 1 (the default), links to attachments bypass PmWiki and come directly from the webserver. Setting $EnableDirectDownload=0; causes requests for attachments to be obtained via [@?action=download@]. This allows PmWiki to protect attachments using a page's read permissions, but also increases the load on the server.²²