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text=PmWiki has the capability of classifying pages into groups of related pages. [[WikiWord]]s act as [[links]] between pages of the same group; to create a link to a wiki page in another group, you use [@[[GroupName.WikiWord]]@] or [@[[GroupName/WikiWord]]@] to create the link.²²By default, the [[RecentChanges]] page of each group shows only the pages that have changed within that group; the [[Main.AllRecentChanges]] page shows all pages that have changed in all groups.²²To list all the groups in a site, try the markup [@(:pagelist fmt=group:)@].²²Creating a new group is as easy as [[CreatingNewPages]]; simply edit an existing page to include a [[link(s)]] to a page in the new group, then click on the '?' to edit the page. By default, group names must start with a letter (but this can be changed by the wiki administrator).²²Each group can also have [[GroupHeader(s)]] or `GroupFooter pages that contain text to be automatically prepended or appended to every page in the group. A group can also have a `GroupAttributes page that defines attributes (read and edit passwords) shared by all pages within the group. Each page can also have its own individual read/edit password that overrides the group passwords (see [[PmWiki.Passwords]]).²²Finally, [[WikiAdministrator]]s can set [[LocalCustomizations]] on a per-group basis--see [[PerGroupCustomizations]].²²!!!Sub-groups? Sub-pages?²²No, we really don't have subpages. Pm's reasons for not having subgroups are described at PmWiki:HierarchicalGroups. If you create a link or pagename like [@[[A.B.C]]@] PmWiki doesn't think of "B.C" as being in group "A", it instead thinks of "C" as being in group "AB", which is a separate group from "A". Wiki administrators can look at Cookbook:SubpageMarkup and Cookbook:IncludeWithEdit for recipes that may be of some help with developing subgroups or subpages.²²%trail%<<|PmWiki.DocumentationIndex|>>
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