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text=->%note% TODO: needs updating for 2.0 release²²Authors have a range of options to choose from when organising a collection of [[wiki page]]s. Used in combination, these give a lot of flexibility.²²:WikiWord:The most powerful organising principle is the author's choice of page names. When a search returns a list of pages, their names need to be clear enough to guide a visitor to the right place.²²:WikiPage:A page with text (and images), where the text can contain for instance [[WikiWord]]s that automatically becomes a link to another WikiPage.²²:WikiGroup:This wiki requires every page to be a member of a group. A group is like a wiki within a wiki; it can have its own presentation look, security controls and navigation aids. With default configuration, [[WikiWord]]s are only searched inside the current group, and you use either [@OtherGroup/MyWikiWord@] or [@OtherGroup.MyWikiWord@] to refer to pages in other groups.²²:[[PmWiki/WikiTrail(s)]]:A collection of pages, either in the same group or across multiple groups, can be designated as a trail. A visitor can move from stop to stop by clicking on ''next'' and ''previous'' links.²²:[[PmWiki/free link(s)]]:A page name that does not follow the WikiWord convention. Use it to avoid creating an artificial or ugly page name, or just because you want to.²²%trail%<<|PmWiki.DocumentationIndex|>>
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