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text=PmWiki continues to use WikiStyles as a mechanism for styling text with color and other attributes. However, PmWiki 2.0 introduces the ability to control the styling further and to even place styles on blocks.²²The basics of WikiStyles are the same as before--essentially a style is specified within a pair of %-signs and styles the text that follows, as in:²²(:markup:) [=²This text is %color=red% red, %color=blue% blue, %% and normal (black).²=]²²There are a wide number of available style properties, borrowed primarily from HTML and CSS. In addition, an author can define a style "shortcut" by using the [@define=@] property. For example, to define a style of [@%red%@], one can use:²²(:markup:) [=²%color=red define=mystyleHere is some %mystyle% red text created using a style shortcut.²=]²²Shortcuts can be combined with other styles, including other shortcuts:²²(:markup:) [=²%color=red define=lovelyred%²%bgcolor=yellow define=likegrapefruit%²²%red% This text is red, %red bgcolor=#ccc% red on a grey background, and %lovelyred likegrapefruit% red on a yellow background. ²=]²²So far, this is all basically the same as what was available in PmWiki 1.0. PmWiki 2.0 includes the capability to style blocks, by using the [@apply=@] style property. Specifying [@apply=block@] in a `WikiStyle will cause that style to be applied to the entire block, instead of just the text that follows:²²(:markup:) [=²This entire block %apply=block bgcolor=yellow% has a yellow background, even though the `WikiStyle appears in the middle of the line. %bgcolor=pink% Other inline (non-block) WikiStyles can appear in the middle of the line,%% as before.²=]²²This means it's now possible to do right-aligned and centered text:²²(:markup:) [=²%block text-align=right% The text of this paragraph is right-aligned. ²²%block text-align=center% The text of this paragraph is centered. ²=]²²²In fact, PmWiki predefines [@%right%@] and [@%center%@] style shortcuts so that you can do this more simply:²²(:markup:) [=²%right% This is right-aligned.²²%center% This is centered.²=]²²Authors can define their own custom styles:²²(:markup:) [=²%block bgcolor=#fdf define=Pm%²%center bgcolor=#dfd border='3px dotted green' define=goofy%²%right bgcolor=#ffffcc border='1px dotted red' define=rediguana%²²%Pm% Any text that is on a light purple background is a comment from [[~Pm]].²²%goofy% Here's some text from Goofy.²²%rediguana% bla bla by rediguana!²=]²²Styles can be applied to almost any kind of block:²²(:markup:) [=²* %block bgcolor=yellow% Here is a list item²* Here's another list item²²* Here's more of a list²²# A new list²=]²²In particular, this means that outlines are now possible using the predefined [@%ROMAN%@], [@%roman%@], [@%ALPHA%@], and [@%alpha%@] list-block styles. The style has to be specified on the first item in the list (and we may develop an alternate syntax for this sort of ordered list):²²(:markup:) [=²# %ROMAN% Top level²## %ALPHA% second-level²## second-level²## second-level²### third-level²### third-level²## second-level²### third-level²#### %alpha% fourth-level²##### %roman% fifth-level²##### fifth-level²#### fourth-level²# top-level²# top-level²=]²²WikiStyles can be combined with CSS stylesheets to do this automatically -- see Cookbook:OutlineLists.²²----²²What about marking up an entire block of pre-formatted text? For instance, say I have the following :²²ip access-list extended example-acl² remark ** This is an example acl **² deny ip any host² permit ip any any²²I'd like to mark the above in a green box with a border. I know I need to use [= %block bgcolor=#dfd border='1px solid black' padding=5px =] for the box, but how do I apply it to the entire block? If I place [= \\ =] at the end of each line, I lose the indent at the beginning of the line...²²%purple font-style:italic% Use [@[=...=]@] to preserve the newlines in the block, as below (note the space at the beginning of the line containing the wikistyle):² [=² %block bgcolor=#dfd border='1px solid black' padding=5px% =][=[=²ip access-list extended example-acl² remark ** This is an example acl **² deny ip any host² permit ip any any² =]=]²²This results in²² %block bgcolor=#dfd border='1px solid black' padding=5px% [=²ip access-list extended example-acl² remark ** This is an example acl **² deny ip any host² permit ip any any² =]²²Awesome, thanks! I think that's the only combination I didn't try!²²----²²Using the above example is there anyway to avoid it from making long paragraphs going off the side of the page (width wise) when it is not contained in a visable and defined box, such that I can have a long piece of text in one colour and can make amendments in another? (without it making the webpage really wide and losing easy access to edit, recent history etc) ²²Also I am using custom styles defined in my config.php. There is an example that uses this above but because it is using a markup box it seemes to stop it from scrolling off page. without it it does the same thing i'm experiancing. I've also noticed it seems to stop url turning into links as well. Please help!²²----²²!!!Change a style class of a WikiLink (or other element)²Is there anyway to define a style that overwrites the default class value given to a wiki link?²²Examples of style properties I would like to apply;²² %block bgcolor=#dfd border='1px solid black' padding=5px% [=²a.linklevel1 {background-color:#003E49; color:black;² width:144px; margin:0px;² font-weight:bold; font-size:10pt; font-family: arial;}²a.linklevel1:hover {text-decoration:none; color:black; background:orange; cursor:hand;}²a.linklevel1:link {text-decoration:none; color:white;}²a.linklevel1:visited {text-decoration:none; color:white;}²=]²²I guess a usage like,²² %block bgcolor=#dfd border='1px solid black' padding=5px%[=²%class=a.linklevel1%[[TheFunkyWikiLink]]²=]²²%trail% <<|PmWiki.DocumentationIndex|>>
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