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text=->%green%[[!DocumentationToDo]]: Shorten description about block, item, list. Move perhaps some examples into WikiStyleExamples.²²WikiStyles allow an author to modify the color and other attributes of text that follow. A style specification such as @@[=%red%=]@@ will cause the following text to be displayed as red until the end of the line or the next pair @@[=%%=]@@ of percent signs. For example:²² [=%red%=] This text is red and [=%blue%=] this text is blue [=%%=] but ² this text is normal.²²gives²²->%red% This text is red and %blue% this text is blue %% but this text is normal.²²The set of [[CustomWikiStyles| predefined wiki styles]] is customizable by the WikiAdministrator. Most PmWiki systems define [=%newwin%=] to cause links to open in a new window (%newwin%[[WikiStyles |example]]), and standard text colors such as [=%black%, %white%, %red%, %green%, %blue%, etc.=]²²!!Creating new styles²²Placing @@color@@, @@bgcolor@@, or @@target@@ specifications inside of a pair of percent signs will change the style of the following text to use those colors up to the end of a line or until the next pair of percent-signs. For example:²² [=%color=red% This text is red and %color=blue% this text ² is blue %% but this text is normal. =]²²renders as²²->%color=red% This text is red and %color=blue% this text is blue %% but this text is normal.²²If one wants the formatting to continue past the end of the line, there are a couple options one can use (found [[|here]]).²²For example, using [=%block color=red%=] will continue the formatting until it gets to to the end of the current block/paragraph. For example:²²(:markup:)[=²This is some text %block color=red% that²is being colored red by the wikistyle in the line.²=]²²The other options (according to the [[ | e-mail]]) are:\\²[=%item color=red%=]\\²[=%list color=red%=]\\²[=%block color=red%=]²²!!!!A brief explanation of the difference between item, list, and block² Apply=block applies to any sort of block markup, such as²paragraphs, lists, indents, and list items. Apply=list applies to an²entire list -- i.e., anything that generates a <dl>, <ol>, or <ul> tag.²Apply=item applies only to an individual list item (<li>, <dd>, <dt>).²²So given the markup²²(:markup:)[=² * %apply=XXX border='1px solid black'% First² * second² * third =]²²if XXX is 'item' (as in 'apply=item'), then only the first bullet item²will have a box around it. If XXX is 'list', then the entire bullet²list will be placed in a box. And if XXX is 'block', then the bullet²list will be placed in a box, as well as the first list item (because²'block' covers both).²²One can also change the background color using the @@bgcolor@@ attribute:²² [=%color=black bgcolor=green% This text is black on green ² %color=green bgcolor=black% and this is green on black.%% =]²²%color=black bgcolor=green% This text is black on green %color=green bgcolor=black% and this is green on black.%% ²²One can specify that links should open in a new window via the @@target@@ attribute:²² [=%target=_blank% Any links on this line like ² will open in a new window. =]²²which gives²²->%target=_blank% Any links on this line like will open in a new window.²²Finally, WikiStyles can control the width and height of ImagesInWikiPages, thus the markup²² [=%height=50%]²²will display some.gif scaled to a height of 50 pixels.²²²!!Style definitions²%define=hotpink color=#ff69b4%²%define=reverse color=white bgcolor=black%²²Wiki authors can also make their own [[WikiStyle(s)]] definitions within a document using the @@define@@ attribute. For example, the statement²² [=%define=hotpink color=#ff69b4%=]²²will cause the markup @@[=%hotpink%=]@@ to be a shortcut for @@[=%color=#ff69b4%=]@@ (%hotpink%like this%%). One can specify multiple items in a definition, as in²² [=%define=reverse color=white bgcolor=black%=]²²which allows @@[=%reverse%=]@@ to cause %reverse%reverse video%%, and @@[=%reverse hotpink%=]@@ to be the %reverse hotpink%combination of both shortcuts%%. ²²It's often a good idea to put common style definitions into GroupHeaders so that they can be shared among multiple pages in a group. Or, the WikiAdministrator can predefine styles as a [[LocalCustomization(s)]] -- see CustomWikiStyles.²²!!Predefined and custom styles²²See [[Custom Wiki Styles]] for a description of the WikiStyles that are predefined in a standard installation of PmWiki. That page also describes how an administrator can predefine additional WikiStyles.²²!!Colors²For some examples of colors, see WikiStyleColors²²%trail% <<|PmWiki.DocumentationIndex|>>²²
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